Do Texas and Oklahoma Execute More People Than All Nations of the World?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for states that still have the death penalty to find the proper mix of drugs they need to execute the prisoners they have on death row. Almost all foreign nations now refuse to sell them the drugs they need because they being more humane and less inclined to put people to death don’t want the drugs they manufacture to be used in that type of endeavor.

So the more bloodthirsty states are turning to compound pharmacies to mix up a cocktail of drugs not previously used to kill people on death row and as a result we are seeing more and more botched executions. Texas is getting ready to do another execution with a new mix of drugs today or tomorrow, I don’t remember exactly when.

Texas and Oklahoma execute more people than all the nations of the world combined they are number one and number two in that order. And however you feel about the death penalty know this as a method that deters crime, it doesn’t. As my mother, who was a judge said, “The death penalty isn’t about justice it’s about revenge!” And I know many people who believe in the death penalty and don’t care whether or not it deters crime. They believe that there are people who should be put to death for crimes committed and although I am against the death penalty I don’t disagree that there are people in this world who are so evil that they are probably not capable of redemption.

But I also believe it says in the Bible, “Revenge is mine!” So killing people through state sponsored executions in my mind is wrong. I believe that we should be better as a nation and as a state than the worst among us. And I believe like my mother that the death penalty doesn’t do anything to stop crime or criminals. And when you look at the statistics from around the world the nations that still use the death penalty are among the top 10 in criminal activity. Those that have banned it are among the lowest which proves to me it’s all about revenge and not about justice served.

And what in my mind makes it worse for we in the USA is the fact that we have a clause in our constitution that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. And to me the recent botched executions tell me that those executions were cruel and unusual and cannot stand constitutional muster. The rush by Texas, Oklahoma and other states to find a new mix of drugs so that they can continue to carry out executions speaks volumes as to the mindset of those officials in those states who simply are pandering to their base in an election year without regard to the rule of law.

Oklahoma has placed a 6 months hold on executions but it didn’t do so to look at whether they should continue to execute in light of the facts. It did so, so they might work to find an more deadly cocktail to kill. I don’t see how if we are a Christian nation as most of the people who favor the death penalty claim we are, we can then claim that executing people is Christian?

Christ in all that I have read and know about him was the Prince of Peace who did not believe in killing others. Who believed in turning the other cheek and who believed that there was no one who walked upon this earth who could not be redeemed if they sought to come to the Lord. You may believe as others do that some people are beyond redemption but that is not a Christian trait that was practiced by Jesus Christ.

There is no empirical evidence that the death penalty prevents crime so if you still believe that the state still should be in the business of putting people to death for their crimes then, in my opinion, you are seeking revenge not justice.

Bob Bearden


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