Trying the Same Thing Over Again and Expecting a Different Result

Increasingly, one party seems determined to stumble forward still doing the same old same old and expecting a different result. They believe, obviously, that since they have been given unlimited access to corporate money via Citizens United and the more recent 5 Supremes ruling that all they need to do is keep pouring in the money and they will win. And there is something to be said for that because money can and does often talk and it sometimes stifles honest discourse enough to allow those who have to get.

They seem to believe that they can give lip service to reaching out to disaffected minorities and that will win the day for them and make it seem like they are truly concerned with being more inclusive of minorities and women, but then some of those billionaire donors who are trying to buy American votes open their mouths and stick their feet into them and its back to square one.

If you want to be inclusive then you have to do more than pretend you are inclusive. Saying it while still courting the same old tired rich cranky old white billionaires who want absolutely nothing to do with inclusiveness doesn’t really cut it. You have to be consistent in your message and they ain’t. They are still trying to repeal Obamacare even though their leaders are telling them that ship has sailed.

And their poster children for the next presidential sweepstakes keep getting it wrong and having to walk back what they say. Marco Rubio has went from desperately needing a drink of water to saying climate change was a hoax to saying well, he believes in climate change but them scientists have it wrong it ain’t caused by us human beings. Who is being caused by Marco Aliens from Mars?

And how can they expect to keep dissing women and denying them the right to control their own bodies and then expect women to flock to the polls and vote for the likes of candidates who say women must submit to men and who want that they should stay home and raise the kiddoes leaving the important stuff to the men? That ain’t gonna work for them any more. That ship sailed along with Father Knows Best some 50 years ago.

And the dominoes are falling on Same Sex Marriage one after the other and yet they are stuck in a time warp whereby marriage is locked into the same ole same ole stereotype of one man one woman. That ship is already out to sea and it ain’t coming back, but do they know that? No apparently not.

And their attempts to deny voting rights to minorities, seniors and students doesn’t prove they are about being inclusive either. Voter fraud is almost non-existent and yet rather than make it easier to vote they are bent on excluding as many of their fellow citizens as possible. If you want to be inclusive you can’t keep proving the opposite.

It’s a new world out there and the Koch Brothers are trying to buy their way back to them good old days when white men were white men and all them minorities knew their place in the grand scheme of things and women stayed home barefoot and pregnant. Those days were not good except maybe for a bunch of cranky rich old white guys. And in point of fact they didn’t really exist.

Inclusiveness only works when you prove you are sincere in wanting to be inclusive you can’t just say so, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk and you can’t hide behind a bunch of cranky rich old white guys who have absolutely no concept of what inclusiveness means nor who give a damn about being inclusive.

More and more the evidence is proving that just throwing tons of millions of the green geld after more green geld isn’t having the desired effect that they were expecting to receive from it. If they want to be the party of the future they have to distance themselves from their past and their present leanings towards saying one thing and doing another.

Trying the same thing over again and expecting a different result only proves the definition of insanity and that makes them part of a pretty exclusive group.

Bob Bearden


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