Thunder Up! It ain’t over till it’s over and then it’s over!

Like so many times in Oklahoma when we need the thunder the most it fizzles out and we get no rain at all. The Thunder thudded to the ground last night in its valiant effort to wrest another shot at the NBA title. It came a cropper even after stretching the game into overtime. The vanity license plates said it best THD.

The rain that came yesterday morning became an allegory on things to come at Chesapeake Energy Arena and all the energy generated was not enough to sustain our hometown heroes in their quest to rise to the top. That will be left for another day. Spurs rule! Bring on the Heat the Thunder has been quelled and all is quiet on the storm front in Oklahoma City.

Perhaps we should remember that basketball is, even after all the money tossed around to bring us a team, still a game. The world will not end and did not end last night on the paint at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Sports heroes always live for another day and they will rise again to be worshipped mightily and we can still all wear our Thunder tee shirts and be proud even in defeat.

Least we forget the world has bigger fish to fry and as we lick our wounds remember always dear ones we are a Big League city and even in the big leagues some’s gotta win and some’s gotta lose just like Good Time Charlie!

THD! That was many cars on their way home last night hitting another pothole in this Big League City of ours. Thunder Up! It ain’t over till it’s over and then it’s over! THD!

Bob Bearden


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