When We have Religious Leaders like Pope Francis?

The new Pope is shaking not only religious ideas up but he is shaking up the world. His take on things is refreshing religion in so many ways. He’s definitely silenced the right-wing American Bishops. They have to be going nuts trying to figure out what he’s going to do and say next. And I think the tack he is taking it exactly the right one because he is giving religion a real boost just when it needs it.

His stance on being rich caring for the poor and disadvantaged is going right to the heart of the matters of inequality. Suddenly we have a religious leader who gets it and who doesn’t believe that being rich is the end be all that we have been lead to believe by so many in the religious community. And he hasn’t been shy about his feelings on so many subjects. He has certainly stilled those in the Catholic Church who have been so outspoken against gays and gay marriage.

He certainly has taken to task those on the right who have been so down on those less fortunate and who seem to believe that if you are poor it is because you are lazy and that all you want is a handout. There are always people who expect to be given handouts but thanks to Pope Francis people are beginning to realize that a lot of the people who are wanting handouts aren’t among the poor they are among the rich. And he don’t mind calling them out on it either.

And now he is even willing to look at the celibacy rules of the Catholic Church. That’s got to be a wow thing for Catholics. Especially since most Catholics I know will tell you that it is something that hasn’t been practiced a lot in the church for a long time although it is a well-kept open secret, that most people wink at.

The thing for me is we need more religious leaders to step up an speak truth to power and stop playing footsy with politicians for their own political gain. The church should be challenging those in power and doing what the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church and the Congregational Church used to do standing with the poor and disadvantage and standing with workers and their families. It was their embracing of the Labor Movement that gave Labor the impetus to do make a difference in our world.

It’s time for that to happen again. Being rich isn’t a bad thing unless that’s the only thing. When those in power cater only to those who are rich at the expense of everyone else then they are the problem and we can’t find solutions by increasing the geld of the few or by taking away the rights of the many. Pope Francis understands that and because he does he is standing up and seeking to change the way things are done in this world.

Our world will work better when we have religious leaders like Pope Francis who truly follow the teachings of that simple Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth. Right on Pope Francis I’m with you!

Bob Bearden


3 thoughts on “When We have Religious Leaders like Pope Francis?

  1. Reblogged this on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES and commented:
    I like the new Pope too. I was more or less forced to leave the Catholic Faith a few years ago when an obviously very Conservative deacon told me in front of a group that he was not going to tolerate any “Liberal Nonsense” in “His” church . . . and I haven’t been back since and have no intention of returning because the entire diocese seems to be right wing. I guess because I am a Liberal I have no place in Jesus’ Church but I know for sure I have a place in His Heart. I too am glad to see a Pope who cares for everybody . . . especially those who do not qualify for status among the elitists of this old world.

    1. I have seen some churches now with absolutely TINY congregations. 20 or 30 people. How will churches survive if they don’t open up a little and accept different views?

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