Why is the GOP for Women’s Issues?

The GOP spent serious money on trying to change their image with women, seniors, students and minorities. And then, and then, and then along came the Duck Dynasty guy. Along came Cliven Bundy and their efforts were outed as being well not so much a re-branding as a falsification of brand.

They are for women’s issues, except when they ain’t. Which is most of the time. They still fawn over guys like Phil Robertson who believes it’s okay to have sex with a 15-year-old girl and who thinks Blacks had it better under the old Jim Crow laws than they have it today and that they were so much happier in them good old days of yesteryear.

And Cliven Bundy boy howdy they were trumpeting him as the next coming a hero a patriot taking on big government. Whoa that is until he started opening his mouth on how Blacks had it better when they were slaves. Yikes! Did they ever rip their pants backing off from that old welfare Cadillac of a faker.

Then there is North Carolina there the GOP is proving they don’t want anything to do with rebranding of the party of no. They are taking it out on every segment of those whom the GOP had said they were going to reach out to.

Reaching out by denying them rights? How’s that gonna work? Minorities are going to flock to the GOP even as they are being denied voting rights. and seniors they are going to flock to the GOP who want to destroy Social Security and Medicare as we know it? They are doing everything they can to make it difficult for minorities and students and seniors to exercise their right to vote and that is going to make them flock to the GOP?

I don’t think so. And if your heavy hitters and poster guys are a guy who believes gays should be equated with bestiality and that Blacks loved Jim Crow laws and it’s alright to have sex with a 15-year-old girl or if he is a cranky rich old white guy who thinks Blacks were better off as slaves, then I think somewhere their plan to reach out and be inclusive was stillborn before it ever came to fruition.

You can’t expect women and minorities or seniors or students are going to flock to your party if all you do is present them with evidence that you aren’t really changing your stripes and that you are a party who still embodies the principles of bigotry and racism. If being inclusive means that you are going to include those who hate inclusiveness then you have a problem.

Bob Bearden


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