Government: I am continually amazed by the lack of knowledge

I am continually amazed by the lack of knowledge exhibited by people who have degrees and should have knowledge about our government that they seem to lack and I have to assume that throughout their schooling process they were not taught and/or never took courses in government, business, civics or were privy to information through their schooling about the importance of Unions in the making of the middle class or how religion helped built unions and the middle class through radical activism.

Actually, in my day I was more fortunate. They actually had a course where I went to high school called Junior Business which taught you about most of the basic things you needed to know about business and how business operated in the world. I assume they don’t teach anything like that now. We even picked stocks as if we were purchasing shares and followed them through the year to see how well we did at the end of the year. It was an interesting course and I learned a lot of basics about business and taxes and etc.

When I was going to school they actually taught a course in government and how it worked and it included learning about our constitution and the Bill of Rights etc. I assume they don’t teach that any more. We learned about how government worked from the most basic city and county governments all the way up to the federal level and how they worked in concert with each other, which doesn’t seem to work that way anymore and local and state governments often work in discord with the federal government which shouldn’t be. Each level of government in our Democratic Republic was designed to work together to make our total government more responsive to the needs of the many while protecting the rights of the minority.

Back in my day they had courses in Civics, Government and Business and you learned about Unions through American History. We learned from courses I took in history how the Catholic Church, The Methodist Church and the Congregational Church took it upon themselves as a body to come to the aid of workers struggling to have a say in how their workplace functioned. We learned about Labor Leaders and Priests and Ministers who worked to help workers form Unions so that they could petition their employers for safe workplaces and better working conditions fairer pay and much-needed benefits.

We learned about how Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican and a distant cousin of Franklin Roosevelt) stood up to the miners and threatened to nationalize the mines if the mine owners refused to negotiate with the miners and thus ended the worker lock-out of the mines. How he took on the big corporations and busted up the trusts that were threatening our democracy and our democratic principles.

We leaned through Civic courses and Government courses about our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and what they meant and how important they were for our form of representative government. We seem to have so many people with degrees these days who have no concept of how our government is supposed to work or what the Constitution actually says or what it means. I find daily titled people who have 3 or 4 degrees and Dr. in front of their names and PHD. behind their names who will misquote and swear to a belief of what the constitution or the Bill of Rights says that is absolutely incorrect.

Amazing to have that much schooling and for someone to have that much intelligence and yet lack even a modicum of common sense and lack the ability to actually think for themselves instead of taking some dime a dozen pundits words for actual fact.

It is sad school systems and school boards to have neglected basics of learning for testing as a way to determine knowledge and to have shunted important courses like Government and Civics and a clear history of our nation aside. I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn things we all should know through those courses. I know from hearing from people on Facebook that a lot of people lack the knowledge that I was taught in school as part of the basics of my learning. Sad for them and especially sad for our nation and its people!

Bob Bearden


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