Bergdahl: Another Rush to Judgment

Another rush to judgment from the drama queens and princes at Faux News on the prisoner exchange that got the Army Sergeant released from nearly 5 years of captivity. Amazingly these type of prisoners swaps went on during the Bush administration time after time without any wringing of hands or dissing of the parents of those who were being brought home.

Whatever the circumstances we have always, always did everything we could to bring our POW’s home. Whatever the reasons behind Bergdahl’s capture by the Taliban can wait until he is home and debriefed. He has been subjected to speculation that is rife with misinformation and we have yet to hear his side of the story. There is always two sides. We should at least wait until we know both sides to make any needed condemnations.

And of course the 5 Taliban POWs are probably bad guys, that’s one of the reasons we still had them, but the war is ending in Afganistan and at some point they would have been released and returned home. Being able to swap them for our only remaining POW makes perfect sense and since the Taliban still has a stronghold in Afganistan we will have to deal with them in some form or fashion after we are no longer bogged down in a war against them. They are not Al-Qeda and they are likely to be part and parcel in Afgan politics for some time to come so we will have to deal with that at some point.

We have been having meetings and discussions with them and their emissaries for years they didn’t just pop up on the radar last week.

And dissing of the father of Bergdahl and making him out to be some kind of supporter of the Taliban because he has a beard is disrespectful of anyone who has a beard. His reasons have nothing to do with religion and he isn’t a Muslim and even if he was, so what? We still have freedom of religion in this nation despite what you might have been lead to believe by Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and company.

Faux news and company water carriers for what passes for the Grand Old Party of Lincoln these days can’t seem to find anything scandalous that will stick to Obama and so they appear to be getting desperate as the 2014 elections draw closer. They want to reinvent their party but trying to sling mud before there is any mud to sling doesn’t serve them very well. You’d think that they would have figured that out by now, but no they trudge on trying the same old things over and over again and expecting a different result. Isn’t that one of the definitions of insanity?

Sigmund where have you gone?

Bob Bearden


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