Christian Tea Party Terrorist Threatens to Put Local Preacher in “BODY BAG”

Same Christian Tea Party Terrorist that threatens to put local preacher in “BODY BAG”

(DemoOkie) Scott Reid Esk, a local leader of the Tea Party movement, John Birch Society, OCPac and 9/12ers, was arrested last month for threatening violence on a local minister. Esk was held in Oklahoma County Jail for several days while he raised his $25,000.00 bail. Esk was arrested for violating 21 O.S. 1378 for threatening people including a pastor of a local church.

More on Esk:

“Oklahoma Tea Party candidate, Scott Esk, touts his Conservative bona-fides on  his site which include being a ‘Constitutionalist,’ ‘believing rights come from God,’  being ’100% pro-life’  and of course on Facebook he believes in stoning homosexuals, which sort of throws that whole ‘pro-life’ thing out the window.”

Oklahoma Tea Party candidate endorses stoning homosexuals to death

Seriously, the Tea Party is a terrorist organization and should be called out as such. Using violence and threats against private citizens to further a political ideology is terrorism. To say that the Tea Party is not a terrorist organization is saying that you have not been paying attention.


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