What Now: Ann Coulter?

Finally, we have been made aware of why our nation and its people are going down that rabbit hole of ‘moral decay’! Ann Coulter ‘The Wicked Witch of the Pithy Perversions’ has spoken. Soccer and it’s happening right here in America and starts with an S and it rhymes with rocker as in off of hers. Ann has opined that our fascination with the World Cup is undisputed evidence of our nation’s ‘moral decay’! Oh woe is we!

Who knew that moral decay and what the rest of the world calls futbol or football is responsible for moral decay of the world and we as a nation are being sucked in to its vortex without knowing of its evilness. Oh woe is we! Ann they are looking for you – you know the men in the white coats with the jacket.

Delusional? Crazed? Ann Coulter fits the profile of either. She has just out Rushed Rush in her attack upon the world’s most watched and revered sport. That a little spotted round ball could have such a devastating effect upon the world is – well it’s simply crazy. But, Ann has been off her rocker for a number of years. The sad thing about Ann is how so very consumed she is with malice and hate. It is even sadder to note that what she says gets so much play in the news media.

She reminds me so much of that Texas bigot H.L. Hunt whose crazed rantings I first heard on the radio as a teenager in Texas. H.L. was the father of two separate families that included Lamar and his brother (whose name escapes me at the moment) who tried successfully to corner the silver market only to have it crash around them resulting in them losing millions. Lamar owned the Dallas Texans who later became the Kansas City Chiefs when he moved them from Texas to Missouri.

H.L. spewed forth his vile invective in much the same manner as Ann but he too in the end was outed as a charlatan and fortunately for America he went the way of the Dodo, although the company he founded still exists. Hunt’s tomato sauce is still a staple in grocery stores everywhere along with a line of vegetable products.

Moral decay caused by an addiction to soccer? Really? Who knew? That is besides the fellows in the white coats at the Shady Rest Sanatorium? Oh woe is we! Ann Coulter out spewing the froth of her hatred. I think they have asked her to star in Despicable Me Two – Or How Moral Decay Looks Suspiciously Like a Spotted Round Ball – The Sequel! Oh woe is we!

Bob Bearden


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