Republicans are Assholes

John Boehner (Rep. R-OH):: Obstructionist Republican ClownRepublicans are an organization with a platform that is written down. I have some “republican” friends who try to distance themselves from the racist, anti-poor, anti-gay, anti-woman Republican slogans, but they CAN NOT DO THAT. You can’t say, “I’m a pirate, but I’m not one of those pirates who rapes and pillages.” Republicans are not selling anything but hate right now. They got nothing. They are absolutely foul and need to go. If I want a Republican, I’ll vote for Juan Rodriguez, who is a Democrat in Oklahoma. The party system is fucked everywhere, but here it is super fucked. Constance Johnson has a run off against a guy whose name might as well be Old White Man. He has NO CAMPAIGN. I’m not exaggerating. The Democratic party needs to get its shit together right now, and that has to happen from the bottom up. We need to find good candidates, like John Dunaway, and support them. And we need to stop lying to REpublicans and acting like we can all be friends or we can have civil discourse on the topic of what the government should make me do with my uterus. No. We cannot. We cannot have a civil discussion about whether or not the people who work at Walmart and McDonalds and Atlanta Bread Company “deserve” to make enough money for their work to pay for their own food. We can’t have a civil discussion about whether or not we should turn away thousands of children who have run to us FOR SAFETY. Much in the same way millions of refugees flood their neighboring countries fleeing from bombs and chemical weapons made in the U.S.A. There is not more arguing. There is work we need to do, and it is hard and requires all hands on deck, or all voices on whatever voices would be on in that metaphor. But to the purpose. These Republicans who are being elected right now are useless, and the candidates challenging them for nominations have been trained to compete with them for who can spew the most hatred. They are not public servants. They are trained spokespeople for a giant disgusting advertising company, possibly so full of shit it doesn’t even know what is real anymore. Your Republican friends need to snap out of it. And at the very least, we should not let them cop-out, and behave as if they are not responsible for what it happening right now. YOU ARE. If you are voting for these people, you are responsible.

If there’s anyone on here who can tell me what the Republican party has to offer our country and our state. Please tell me. I cannot think of a thing. Especially in this state, the only distinction we can see is that the Democrats are not actively attacking the basic human rights of their constituents. With few exceptions, like Constance Johnson, they are not defending them either. Other than that, what do we have.

“Well,” some will say, “I’m not a single issue voter.” Good call on some things, dude. For instance, Republicans in this state eventually are going to realize they should get in on the marijuana excitement and start asking CATO or ALEC what bills they should sponsor to get the maximum benefit out of it for some rich old assholes who should be in jail right now–the Koch brothers or whatever. Whereas CONSTANCE JOHNSON, who has been working for years to legalize marijuana wrote a bill that would ensure regular citizens of Oklahoma would share in the economic benefits of legalization as well as the whole NOT GOING TO PRISON FOR LIFE BECAUSE YOU LIKE POT BROWNIES thing. What’s the worst way that legalization could take place in OK? Try to imagine it. Because that’s the Republican way.

On the other hand, if the issue is whether or not I should have a probe shoved up my cunt by my rapey government because I want to terminate a pregnancy, or whether people should be denied services because of what they like to do with their hearts and their private parts, or whether mobs of terrified children should be dumped in the desert and left to die instead of protected and aided and cared for. Or whether people who work over 60 hours a week on their feet in crappy conditions to give grumpy selfish customers their Big Mac Meals are worthy of food, healthcare or education. Then I am a single issue voter. If your candidate would turn a suffering child away from his door, you probably would not vote for him. If your candidate told you that your lifestyle is an abomination, your reproductive organs and processes are too big of a responsibility for you to handle, you would tell him or her to fuck off. If your candidate was caught on tape telling a lady who works at Taco Bell that she’s unskilled and not worth the amount of money it would take for her to care for herself and her children, and that she is a lazy, probably drug-addicted whore, who needs to piss in a cup if she wants to feed her babies this month, and who needs to start keeping her legs shut, you would either disown that candidate or you are a dick.

I guess I’ll stop now. There’s probably more coming.

Teri McGrath


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