Corporations Ceded Rights that Women are Not Allowed

Okay, owners of huge corporations have been ceded rights that women are not allowed to have. It violates their religious rights to pay for contraceptives that women need who might be employed at their place of business.

The problem I have with that is that prior to Obamacare Hobby Lobby had no problem with paying the health insurance for their female employees who purchased these same contraceptives. And Hobby Lobby owners see no conflict with their beliefs in so much as they own stock in a company that manufactures those same contraceptives that they don’t want to pay for!

How does that work? If they have to spend money to pay for their employees health care they are suddenly religious about it, but if they are going to make a ton of money off the sale and manufacture of contraceptives that they say violates their religious beliefs that’s okay.

So what it boils down to is religious beliefs count much when you have to spend money but not so much when you can make money! It’s fine that they can make a big profit off the manufacture and sale of contraceptives that they profess to abhor, but their religious convictions don’t extend beyond the profit margin.

Yes, that is really a cool religion. What would Jesus say? I think I know but that’s the problem Christianity has these days is that too many people who profess to be Christians;they don’t practice Christ’s religion. But of course Jesus wasn’t a Christian he was a Jewish Rabbi who wanted religion to be for all not just a few hypocritical zealots sitting comfortably in their corporate corner offices pretending to be his followers!

Bob Bearden


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