I wonder why this is happening?

I wonder why this is happening? I wonder what non-partisan, HUMAN RIGHTS issue is making people register to vote despite misgivings about our unjust and ridiculous and incredibly damaging two-party-maximum system in Oklahoma. I KNOW WHAT IT IS!

IT is MARIJUANA. It is weed. Weed will bring us together; I’ve been saying that, and everyone thinks that I just mean we’ll all get stoned together, and I DO MEAN THAT, but I also mean that we will all take control of our goddamned government and make it work FOR us, instead of against us, which is what is happening when we are denied medication and imprisoned for being young and trying to get high. Get registered, now. I will help you. Or I’ll hook you up with people who aren’t as goofy as I am, and they will help you.

Check this out:

Registered Voter Tally Up By 15,553


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