I thank Connie Johnson for US Senate for this

10419964_10201413086489622_2862659236932696024_nI thank Connie Johnson for US Senate for this, as well as all the people who have come together since Senator Barrington refused to hear her bill for full legalization in committee. Oklahomans for Health have been especially active, and that may be why all these legislators are looking into medical marijuana. It makes sense that they at least want to make sure people–like children who suffer terribly from illnesses that cause seizures–have access to medicine that can help them. But I also think what’s happening is they are trying to find a way to support this inevitable and necessary change in our culture without letting go of their ability to control and punish people, and fill up our for profit prisons, and get revenue for the police department from poor people.

We know it’s true, but we do nothing about it. It’s sick. I don’t want to live in a society so full of viciousness. When people say it will be easier to pass medical in this state than it will to pass full legalization, that is basically what they are saying–the people in this state love putting poor people in jail and taking their money and ruining their futures too much to just let it go all together. We have to ease into it in a way that won’t too much cut into the profits of the industries that benefit from prohibition.

Weed is good. It makes sick people feel better. It makes well people feel super better, too. It’s an enormously, ridiculously useful plant. I’m glad some of our legislators are at least making an effort to learn about the issue. I’d like Oklahoma to beat Texas to legalization because I don’t want to have to drive to Texas to smoke legal weed. I will, but I don’t want to.

Studying cannabis By Phyllis Zorn, Staff Writer Enid News and Eagle

Interim studies on medical use of cannabis have been requested by four Oklahoma legislators.


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