Bearden: weighing in on immigration

Hey, Micky. I’m getting ready to piss off a couple of people or two or three since I am fixing to weigh in on a sore subject called immigration.

As a Native American, I may have some what of a different perspective than my European ancestored friends some who seem to think God came along, and by divine will, gave this country to them to do with as they chose. That’s not entirely so. By the so-called ‘Manifest Destiny’ most of the land their antecedents reside upon today was taken by force and treaties which were not always adhered to in the strict sense of the word.

That being said I know that immigration is a problem that needs to be fixed but properly so and not with a bunch of idiots with AK-47s strapped on to their shoulders. There are so many in this country who want again to invoke the ‘Manifest Destiny’ crap and run anyone out they don’t like or anyone who comes to our borders. Except those whom they like which means mostly those who have the lightest skins.

There in lies the problem. We for far too long have wanted to pick and choose who can and can’t come to our country. There is something to be said for picking and choosing in that we don’t want people necessarily who are criminals (despite the fact that the state of Georgia was originally a colony peopled by so-called criminals from debtors prisons). But in the process of picking and choosing we often have only had problems with the color of one’s skin.

And then there is the historical fact that a lot of our African American ancestors came to this country unwillingly and weren’t given a choice to return to the countries of their birth. Our history on immigration is varied and fundamentally flawed. So hissing and dissing those coming to our borders seeking aid and comfort from war and strife is flawed as well. A lot of those screaming go home we don’t want you wouldn’t be here today if this nation had turned away their ancestors.

We have a problem Houston and it is in Washington, where our legislators aren’t willing to grab the bull by the horns and fix our immigration problem in a sane and just manner. We need to stop shouting go home and start telling our congress creatures quit dissing universal health care and get up off your butts and fix the problem.

Those out there shouting go home need to learn the lessons of history. The trouble with them people is they have absolutely no sense of history or how many of their ancestors who hungered for land that didn’t belong to them found ways to take what they wanted often going over and around the law to do it. A large number of the kids and women coming in our country now are fleeing oppression just like a lot of those people’s ancestors were but these current immigrants aren’t trying to take anyone’s land from them. As Red Cloud said, “They made us many promises but they kept only one. They promised to take our land and they took it!”

We not nee to repeat the sins of our forefathers but we do need to do the right thing.

Bob Bearden


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