And Now Impeachment

And now impeachment. Compromise isn’t an option. Actually presenting a bill that offers a different way or idea isn’t an option. And now the House GOP is suing the president for not instituting an option of the Affordable Care Act that they didn’t want in the first place and tried 52 times to overturn Affordable Care Act. And people believe that these people are actually sane people? The are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids who haven’t been able to get their way so rather than come up with an opposing plan that could eventually lead to compromise and legislation that moves forward and makes actual sense, they have decided to sue the president in the interest of future presidents. Where were these guys when Bush the lessor was lying all over the place about weapons of mass destruction? Oh yeah they were saying bring it on Bushie, bring it on!

It’s about over reach? Really they are serious about that? Where were they when the Dickster and his puppet Bush the lessor were issuing all of those executive orders and saying that they had the right to give themselves powers to make decisions not specified in the constitution? Oh yeah they were genuflecting on their knees to Bush the lessor and saying Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iraq. He’s got weapons of mass destruction which no one has ever been able to find.

Rather than come up with alternative legislation to anything Obama offers they would rather do nothing and then file a law suit against Obama for actually trying to do something. Talk about lazy good for nothing shiftless workers. There are about 230 plus of them in the House of Representatives. They prattle on endless about Benghazi, conduct endless meaningless hearings trying to destroy Social Security which has just reported a 3 trillion-dollar surplus, promote a voucher system for our seniors on Medicare and parcel out the postal service to its competitors who are having to send over a third of their parcel deliveries through said postal service in order for their customers to ever get their packages.

Do nothing comes to my mind. These people are not statesmen they aren’t even good legislators. I am beginning to wonder if any of them even know how to present a bill. They are certainly very adept at pandering and making cockamamie statements that have no basis in fact but lawmakers they are not. They prattle on about jobs and do nothing while our nation’s infrastructure crumbles. And I do mean crumbles. I just returned from a trip to Philadelphia and spent a lot of time on Interstate roads that are a disgrace and why are they? Because congress has refused to act on a comprehensive roads and bridges bill that the President has presented to them for the past 3 years.

It is shameful to travel across this nation on roads that are often more like roads I traveled on in Oklahoma as a kid. Although they are paved some of the pavement is bare or so badly patched it is like driving over a washboard. And some of the bridges we drove over are scary. The bill the President has presented to congress would create millions of jobs, boost the economy and repair our infrastructure, but the House would rather spend its time coming up with impeachment plans than to put America back to work rebuilding this country. Too bad we can’t impeach Boehner and company!

Bob Bearden


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