Empeach Him, He Delayed a Provision of the Affordable Care Act

They won’t do anything meaningful and absolutely won’t work with the President but they will sue him because he is actually trying to do something. They are suing him because he delayed a provision of the Affordable Care Act– an Act they have tried to do away with 52 times and for a provision they wanted delayed in the first place. Forest Gump was right, “Stupid is as stupid does!” John Boehner and company resemble that remark Forest.

It’s an election year and for the GOP who have been unable to make anything stick on any issue they have raised are now down to base pandering. Pandering to their base in hopes that enough of the real crazies out there in Tea Bag Land will jump up and down and yell ‘We are dumb and proud of it and we will vote for you Johnny because we now know that you are surely one of the real crazies just like we!”

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there in Tea Bag La La Land. Boehner doesn’t want impeachment on the table so he has crafted a sue the president scenario hoping that he can finally mollify enough of the crazies to regain adult control of the Grand Old Party of Lincoln and at least hang on to the house in the fall elections and keep his position as Speaker. Might work who knows these days as the winds of fortunate blow right and further right for the Grand Old Party as more and more people leave.

They are losing among women. They are losing among seniors. They are losing students in droves. All because of their draconian new laws restricting the right to vote by seniors, minorities, women and students. What’s to like about a party that seems determined to shoot itself in the foot and constantly has to pull back legislators like Louie Gohmert after another outrageously stupid comment about women or seniors or minorities or the president.

Grand Old Party? I don’t see anything grand about alienating over half of the voting population and trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s is one of the primary definitions of insanity!

Bob Bearden


2 thoughts on “Empeach Him, He Delayed a Provision of the Affordable Care Act

  1. It’s all about context. A smoking gun could be smoking after legitimate use such as target practice. The GOP keeps looking for a smoking gun to justify impeachment of President Obama. Just remember the GOP slogan, “You provide the gun and we’ll supply the smoke. If you don’t have a gun, our friends in the NRA can help.”

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