Frieda Deskin, Possible Conflict of Interrest

10-31-2012-11-25-44-AM-7913720To those of you who are undecided or who do plan to vote for Frieda Deskin for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, I hope you will research a couple of issues that prevent me from supporting her. The first issue is ASTEC, her charter school of which she is Principal. Plans are already underway for substantially increasing that charter school to a 23-acre campus in Oklahoma City. However good that may be for OKC, I feel there is a strong possibility of conflict of interest in that endeavor and the struggles our public schools face on a daily basis that are not privy to the kind of resources her charter school has.

demsMy second issue with Ms. Deskin’s candidacy is her connection with billionaire oilman, Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources whose successes in North Dakota’s Bakken shale, of fracking fame. He donated nearly a million dollars to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, and was named as an energy adviser for Romney.

I am of the opinion that the post of Superintendent of PUBLIC Instruction should be filled by someone who has the plight of Oklahoma’s PUBLIC schools as their foremost concern, NOT 23-acre charter schools. That someone, for me, is Dr. John Cox. My hope is that you will research and examine the issues that trouble me with Freida Deskin’s candidacy, make an informed choice, and mark your ballot accordingly.

Barbara Hicks Harrison

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