“You can’t fix stupid.”

After a Democrat Meeting:

I’m not sure who the man was referring to as stupid. I mentioned that it’s hard to get information about who is running, what their platform is and even what offices do what.  I was talking on my behalf, in part, because the information one would need to make an informed choice at election time is not readily available.  Campaign websites are often full of vague platitudes.  “I will fight for kids!”  “We need quality education for all.”  Well…yeah.  Of course we do, and if you are running against a candidate who thinks we don’t, then you certainly have my vote.  What I’m wondering is where a novice voter can go for all the basic information one needs. It’s not easy to find. Our elected leaders are not interested in helping us to be well educated, thoughtful voters, and the parties don’t seem very interested in doing anything but winning.  

If the stupid we are talking about fixing are the people too stupid to know what district they’re in or what the hell a school superintendent does, then I guess I’m guilty of the stupid.  But it is very much a stupid that can be fixed, especially if the people who make a living running the parties and the campaigns put a little bit of effort into offering educational opportunities for Democrats beyond the training we are given as party representatives–as the lowly volunteers–the people who are not paid and who do not have enough money to make the contributions necessary to have the ear of our candidates at all times.  The people who do ALL the hard labor–as opposed to the people who hand out the marching orders.  The people who are working for the betterment of their communities, not for the advancement of their parties.

That’s fine. I get it. It is not the job of the parties to educate voters. It is their job to manipulate voters and win elections for their teams.  But if you are wondering why it’s hard to find people who will dedicate their time to promoting this party or any political party–this is why.  You’re not interested in listening to us, and you’re not interested in helping us find the information we need.

I don’t expect anything more from the democratic party than I would from any other advertising firm at this point.  I wish them well, because I tend to agree with the platform, and the Republicans advertising campaign revolves around racism, sexism and oppression.  As the lesser of two evils, democrats are doing a great job.  So if that’s what you’re after, then carry on.

I don’t care about the Democratic party as much as I care about Oklahoma and the people of Oklahoma.  I am concerned with low voter turn out and with all the people who vote for crazy, dangerous idiots.  The problem is not that we haven’t seen that damned donkey around enough.  The problem is not that not enough people know about the Democratic party. The problem is that our political discourse is shaped by consultants and party leaders who have little concern or respect for the average voter.  If a voter doesn’t know how the political system works, what offices are responsible for what, what the current laws are etc, that person is NOT stupid.  That person is a regular person trying to live his or her life.  It takes a lot of work to find the answers to those questions, and when you are working, going to school and raising kids, you have a limited time to google.  Television is useless, deliberately, and campaign materials usually have about as much substance as a magazine advert for perfume.

I’m sure Trav did not mean to insult me or the many many people I was speaking on behalf of.


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