Sue the President

Sue the president for overstepping his authority for his use of the Executive Order. Wonder why they didn’t think of that when their pet of pets and his crabby crony Cheney were trampling all over the constitution and starting wars on false premises and issuing executive orders that were clearly violations of the constitution?

Oh right, he was white Anglo Saxon and he was one of their own whom they let take us into the worst economic crisis since the ‘Great Depression’. That’s a whole other smoke isn’t it? Cranky old white guys should rule. Half white black guys don’t give them the time of day and if they do try to actually do something that makes sense sue them and then tell they need to issue an executive order because congress won’t act.

It’s truly a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there, Jimmie Durante, and it’s peopled by idiots who are passing themselves off as legislators. It’s a world where if you believe in justice for all or a sane and decent immigration law you are vilified and cursed and if you seek asylum from oppression and war and strife as a child you are yelled and told to go home by people whose own ancestors came to this country because of oppression, war and strife in the land of their birth. Too bad we, Native Americans, didn’t have more restrictive immigration laws in those days.

I believe that even idiots have rights and that they have the right to free speech and to have their say even if it is wrong, but it would be nice if they when they are carrying signs that say speak English that they could actually spell correctly in the English they are so proud of being. Or if they could even have a modicum of knowledge of what this country is all about and what its history really is. if you believe so radically in English only shouldn’t they at least know something about their own history?

Bob Bearden


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