The Devil’s Work: Marijuana in the 1920’s and 30’s – Part 1

The Green Pulpit

Devils Work

Forward – He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules

The Secret History of the Drug War from the 1920’s and onward, starts to get really heavy with lots of twists and turns between corrupted federal and state agencies, mafia bosses and syndicates, merciless corporations and bent politicians, as well as monarchies and brutal oligarchical agendas. This article unveils the truth about why medical marijuana prohibition happened, it is a long and complex tale that will be divided into several parts for the reader’s convenience. As I stated in my thesis, the goal of these reading’s is to illustrate how the American Drug War built large and lasting institutions throughout the 20th century, how Republican Party primacy was achieved through the War on Drugs and how the Drug War evolved into a uniquely American mechanism of state oppression that would shake the very foundations of our democracy. References and…

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