Gov. Mary Fallin Leaves Oklahoma GOP Full of Beans

Mary_Fallin_20130409161515_320_240About that KKK Republicans in Oklahoma seem to be confused about.  Garvin County Republicans had a fund-raiser. The special topic was the Klu Klux Klan. They invited Governor Fallin but they somehow missed the change to invite one of us here at the Lawton/Fort Sill Progressives. We would have gladly sent somebody over to speak had that invitation come our way.  As things go in Oklahoma, here’s what’s on.

In the flyers, the Garvin County Republicans promoted a chat about “some things that you may not know” about the KKK. One of the event’s organizers said that the discussion would be focused on how some Democrats can be tied to the Klan and said that the event was not “connected” to the KKK, according to Business Insider. —

Here’s your chance, Mary. Get in there. Don’t miss an opportunity to educate voters at a “GOP Bean Feed.”

“Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) will not go to a local Republican Party fundraiser after the party distributed flyers advertising a Ku Klux Klan discussion at the event, Business Insider reported on Wednesday.

Since Mary Fallin is not going, I would like an invite. Here’s what I might say if I get that honor.

imagesYes, parties always have large umbrellas taking in a wide variety of voters; that’s not an excuse just saying. For a time Dems courted with unsavory elements for which we speak in order to harvest votes but then the candidate Truman lost that vote from Southern Dems. Southern DEMs ran Storm Thurman against Truman. They ran Thurmond on a segregationist issue as a third-party candidate called the States’ Rights Democratic Party (also known as the Dixiecrats) Considerable chunk of voters exited the Democratic Party leaving Democrats with the problem of what to do with important stuff like desegregation and civil rights.

I’m gonna go into a bit more detail. I know history sucks but I’ll try to be brief.

Sadly, Dems were not alone in going for “Your Support,” even support from the Klan. Whatever gets you elected, I suppose.  At the beginning of the 20th century there were really in reality 4 political movements jockeying for the support of either GOP or Dems:

Roosevelt Progressives (Republican), Taft Progressives (Republican), Business Progressives (Democrat), and Southern Democrats, Free Silver and Free Soil (Democrat)

All– except for the Taft Progressives– had some to large support of the KKK.

Roosevelt Progressives (Republican) – Strong military, Gold Standard, anti-trust, Nativist, Big Business, Anti-Labor, Eugenics, Big Pharma, Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, Big Firearms, KKK, Close Ties to Europe, Chemical Companies and Banks.

Although I like Teddy, he was more pro-big business than I like to think.

Taft Progressives (Republican) – Isolationist, Gold Standard, Anti-Trust, Pro-Labor, Pro-Minimum Wage, Pro Food Control, Public Works, Urbanization, Women’s Suffrage.

(My theory is that Roosevelt ran as a third party so Wilson would win since Wilson was more in line with the Republican Progressives–that’s just my thought)

Business Progressives (Democrat) – Strong military, Gold Standard, Big Business, Anti-Labor, Eugenics, KKK, Social Conservatives and Temperance, Religious Reactionaries, Prohibitionist, Women’s Suffrage.

Wilson was a Business Progressive that probably had the majority of KKK influence.

Southern Democrats, Free Silver and Free Soil (Democrat) – Isolationist, Anti-Trust, Pro-Farmer, Pro-Labor, Religious Revivalist, Prohibitionist, Nativist, KKK (mixed pro and con), Anti-Gold Standard, Anti-Eugenics, Small Business. —Green Chazzan

As I mentioned, all had that KKK thing going for them except for Taft. I’m not saying that the GOP and the DEMS did not have issues that folks today might find offensive. What I am saying is that the KKK Cinderella shoe fit quite a few folks not too long ago.  I pray things are different now.   In the last century, Democrats, Progressives, and the GOP have come a long way, baby.

Between four million and seven million men and women belonged to the Klan in this era. It was active in every state…The Klan was deeply involved in politics, but it did not form its own political party. It was generally Democratic in the South and Republican in the North. It had no national platform. The Klan was a major issue at the 1924 Democratic Convention and the national election; in the 1928 presidential election, when New York Catholic Al Smith was the Democratic candidate, it helped the Republicans win. – David Chalmers

Mary Fallin had her chance to set the record straight in Garvin County. She declined. Now we may never know how she feels about matters and Garvin County Republicans will have to go on being uninformed and without a way to learn stuff. Next time invite one of us, Lawton/Fort Sill Progressives, to speak and you won’t have that problem.

Terry Gresham


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