Truce Ended War Returned to Middle East

The truce has ended and war has returned to the Middle East. I really don’t think they, either side desire a true peace. War has its benefits and sides are always taken one over the other and grievances bared and rights are violated and if you have a war you can ramp up your youth to go forth sacrifice themselves in the name of glorious patriotism giving your side the high road and leaving the populace to mourn and wail with bitterness and pain.

Yes, war has to be much desired at least every so often or how else will our youth be sacrificed? We can’t have them doing good nice humanitarian things for glory, not a lot of glory in being kind is there? I understand patriotism and I also understand how it can and is often co-opted in the name of the greater good. But, I understand war and what it does to people. I know what it did to my uncle Ray. Who was a kind decent man whom the effects of war left scarred and from war he suffered all the remaining years of his life from horrible nightmares before he died much too young at the age of 56. And his was the good war. World War II.

Good war? How can there be such of a thing? What makes for a good war as opposed to a bad war or a needless war? It’s strictly semantics as my great-grand father Everist used to say, “Good war? “As long as we believe that war can be good we will be doomed to repeat wars over and over! War isn’t good! Sherman was right ‘War is Hell’ and glory be damned. War destroys so much more than it saves no matter the reason.” World War II destroyed so many millions of lives only to be repeated again and again.

The reasons for war are many but I believe war could be stopped dead in its tracks if the leaders of the nations who desire to go to war with one another would be required to fight a duel with each other and the one who survived declared the winner. I have always believed my great-grandfather Everist was right when he said, “If the politicians who start wars had to fight them, there would be no wars!”

Good wars? There are no good wars. And why is it that only the youth of nations most of whom have no clue as to why they are going to war are required to fight the wars old men start? Don’t give me the shine that they are too old to fight their own wars that’s pure bulls*it. If they are too old to meet on a battlefield then they shouldn’t be starting the wars in the first place.

As my uncle Lonnie who was in the 101st Airborne during WWII once said, “Anyone who believes taking the life of another person is easy has never looked another human being in the eye and had to pull the trigger that kills them. I remember every single one. There is no glory in the taking of life. No matter the circumstances.”

War is hell and we must somehow come to terms that war solves nothing, except to create more hate, bitterness and grievances that did not previously exist. There is nothing great or noble about war and we need to quit making our youth believe that there is!

Bob Bearden


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