Big issues and ELT 2: Neoliberalism

The Steve Brown Blog


In my last post I looked at globalisation and how it is impacting on ELT. This time I’m going to try and tackle the connected concept of neoliberalism. This term is normally used in the context of economic policy, but this doesn’t make it irrelevant to ELT. On the contrary, over the last 20-odd years neoliberalism has become pretty much synonymous with capitalism, and is therefore impacting massively on society as a whole across the world. This includes education in general and perhaps global industries like ELT even moreso.

I am neither an economist nor a politician. But I’m going to have a go at defining neoliberalism anyway, and if anyone wants to correct me or give an alternative definition then they are very welcome to do so. The purpose of these posts is not so much to say what I think, but to get people thinking about how these…

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