One Way or the Other, Oklahoma

download (1)One way or the other, Oklahoma is about to become the epicenter of ground shattering change. Whether that is a literal prediction or symbolic critically depends on what we do, or worse, do not do at this moment. We risk provoking an epic earthquake that could devastate most of the heartland. Quite literally, if we cannot convince Oklahomans to change their ways, i.e., their voting habits, we risk obliteration. I am not being hyperbolic, the danger is very real.

If you are my friend here on FB, it is because you, like me, have been preparing for this moment all your life. We all know what is at risk. We all know how we got here but most important, we all know the way back. EVERY ONE OF YOU IS IMPORTANT! But you must now forget about the dark predictions and remember the great potential that lies untapped.

Oklahoma is the darkest red state in the country. Change MUST begin here because this is where the opportunity is greatest to be seen and heard.

YOU FIND WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR. You already have a part of the answer. It’s time to wake up and go to work. Every tiny effort matters!

Rusty Boyd


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