Social Security turned 79 years old the other day

Social Security turned 79 years old the other day and not much was said to remember the occasion of its enactment. Sad for something that has made such a difference in the lives of millions of our citizens.

Social Security has allowed millions of our seniors to lead productive and secure lives well into their so-called twilight years. It was vilified when FDR signed it into law and it is still vilified today and yet it endures ever so. And strangely enough it is still after all these years strong and it has fought one wild dumb scheme after another that has tried to change it, do away with it and destroy it.

There is always someone stepping up and yelling Social Security is going broke let’s toss it overboard. Let’s privatize it. It’s causing creeping socialism to infect us all. But none of those things have happened and none of those things need happen, because Social Security is alive and well and even if nothing is done to improve it, it will be solvent until the year 2030 and even then still be able to pay its benefits clear up until the end of this century. Fix it and improve it but don’t destroy it for doing the job it was designed to do.

And it hasn’t brought dreaded socialism to our nation nor caused anyone of our citizens to be infected with it. Get over it crazy people we are a socialist nation we always have been and the world as we know has not nor will it not end because we are. Our founders devised our nation to be social. It was their expressed intention for us to be social. It’s in the Constitution. You know crazy people the part about promote the general welfare, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility and secure the blessings of liberty those are all socialistic phrases and catch words.

And crazy people out there Social Security and Medicare are highly efficient government run government owned programs that are socialistic in nature and design. Don’t mess with them because millions of our citizens like them, believe in them need them to lead long and productive lives. And please explain to me what’s wrong with that?

Happy Birthday Social Security and Many, Many More!

Bob Bearden


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