10 Cases of Voter Fraud

3324509_GFifty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and only a short year since the 5 Supremes struck down an important part of the act and we have states moving to pass restrictive voter ID laws based on non-existence fraud cases. There is in fact no basis to prove wide spread voter fraud as they allege. In actual fact, there have only been 10 cases of voter fraud prosecuted over the past 10 years. And yet their reasoning is to fix something that isn’t broken.

The real reason is they can’t get their act together and find a way to appeal to women, students, the LGBT community and minorities and get them to vote for them so the answer is to try and find ways to keep those segments of our society from being able to vote. If they don’t vote then it gives their side a better chance to fool enough of the public enough of the time and thereby remain in power to continue to pass restrictive laws that a majority of the public is against.

And as we celebrate the passage of an act that was designed to equalize the playing field for African Americans and other minorities and protect rights they had long been denied we have seen more and more and time after time racism rear its vile ugly head and just again we find in Ferguson Missouri before all the facts play out over reaction from the very segment of our society who are supposed to protect the public. And another killing of an unarmed teenager and what would appear to be another cover up by a police force who has turned Ferguson into a Gaza Strip like war zone.

We are seeing more and more police forces all over the nation beginning to react against the public interest rather than in the public interest and acting more like the people are terrorists than people who are demanding answers to what to them appears to be another police bungling and cover up over the killing of another unarmed black teenager.

Police forces are not soldiers and they should not be acting like a military force. We seem to be fast approaching George Orwell’s 1984 in which more and more the police are becoming and acting like a overpowering force not out to protect and serve as is their motto, but to protect their own and cover up their misdeeds. The facts in the Ferguson Missouri case are being withheld and in doing so the police and the Officials of that community and the St Louis County Police Force are doing a disserve to the community which they are supposed to serve and protect, but also doing a disserve to themselves and the state of Missouri isn’t doing themselves much good either.

We don’t need to rush to judgment on whatever happened in the Michael Brown case but we do need transparency by the local law enforcement in both Ferguson and St Louis County. Their stonewalling is making matters worse than better. When the police and law enforcement officials in a community refuse to be open and transparent it always makes things appear like they have something to hide. And it certainly doesn’t serve the community well when they refuse to be forthcoming.

As events play out it appears that there are indeed things the police and St Louis County officials are not telling the people of Ferguson. If they want to calm the waters they need to be more open about the events what they are doing isn’t helping. Riots and looting shouldn’t ever be the desired outcome of anything but when you fail to use logic and reason in the aftermath of a shooting that involves the police what you often get is radical reaction from the public and looters and their ilk take comfort in the fact that when the police aren’t forthright and honest in their dealings with the citizens affected they can hide behind a cloak of respectability and take unfair advantage of the situation.

Police intransigence has only served to ascerbate the situation in Ferguson Missouri and by their naming a curfew time and then moving to enforce it before it becomes effective they are making a statement that they likely have something to hide and they are playing right into the hands of those who want to esculate the situation and create anarchy. The police shouldn’t be our enemies they should be our friends. They should be protecting us not inciting us.

Bob Bearden


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