We must never let racism fester. Always call people out on it. Say, “That is a racist thing to say.” Be careful calling someone a racist though, you don’t know that. Sometimes folks don’t know any better. Years ago, Woody Guthrie had a radio show out in Cali. He would use a song with the n-word cause he did’t know any better till one day a caring person sat him down and explained how bad that thing is coming from a White person. Woody never said the n word again after he did some learnin’.

“It was in California that Guthrie’s eyes opened to his own racism, according to the book. It details a turning point in 1937, when Guthrie – after he had played the appallingly racist song Run, Nigger, Run on the air – received a “politely incandescent” letter from a young black college student.

Guthrie was so shaken by it, he read out the letter on the airwaves the next day, apologized profusely, ripped the song sheet to shreds and swore he would never use the N-word again. He went on to become one of the most committed civil rights activists of his generation.”  Taking Woody Guthrie’s politics to the people

This is 2014 so Never. Never. let the chance go by to point out evil.



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