State’s Rights

imagesEver wonder about it–exactly what the State’s rights movement is all about?  Stand your ground, open carry, voter suppression, and militarization. What comes with that movement? When these things are lobed into one basket, we are not talking an Church Easter egg hunt by any since of it. The cry is, “We want our country back!” Ever stop to think what that means exactly? What kind of America they want back? We are talking more along the lines of lynching parties–not with a rope but with a gun. — Terry G




One thought on “State’s Rights

  1. Well, I would argue medical, and now legal marijuana is likewise a states rights issue. I would also argue that a number of issues- from assisted suicide to gay marriage can be framed as states rights issues.

    But, I would also argue, that traditionally, “states rights” issues have predominantly issues of states trying to keep change from happening, and have almost exclusively been on the wrong side of history. While issues such as medical marijuana and gay marriage have very much proven to early harbingers of where the nation is going.

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