Conspiracy theory film removed from one school district’s curriculum

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OKLAHOMA – An Oklahoma school district has decided to stop showing an Oklahoma City conspiracy theory documentary in the classroom.

The decision out of Jenks comes after a Muslim student grew offended, saying the film claims Islamic extremists were responsible for the bombing.

While the film does explore other conspiracy theories floating around, the majority of its focus is Islamic terrorism.

The female Muslim student in Jenks, who the year before had her head scarf ripped off and was called a terrorist, fears the film could lead to anti-Muslim bullying.

The History Channel film, “Oklahoma City Bombing” begins with a disclaimer saying the historical event is quote “shrouded in mystery”.

It goes on to say, “They invite you, the viewer, to draw your own conclusions.”

The film was shown last May in a Jenks 9th grade Oklahoma History class.

The school district says it was intended to…

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