Eric Holder In Ferguson

A quiet night in Ferguson as the weather and Eric Holder intervened to calm nerves and settle things down. Now maybe some answers will begin to come forth from a city that has carried stonewalling and silence to new heights. It’s about time. The citizens of Ferguson deserve some peace and they deserve to be treated as if they were citizens and not suspects.

It shouldn’t be like it has been and we shouldn’t have to have federal intervention in local affairs but we shouldn’t have police forces that act like militias either. There is a lot wrong in this country that needs fixing but we have a congress whose only goal is to end the presidency of our first Black President and working together for the common good has no place in their scenario.

And in all of the chaos surrounding the events in Ferguson not one peep from those members who normally weigh in on everything. The only sane voice from the right was of all people Rand Paul. The rest of the herd suddenly got a bad case of shut my mouth, which possibly wasn’t a bad idea.

The problems in Ferguson are endemic of problems nationwide and the lack of any coherent policy coming out of congress to address them. Arming our police forces to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction isn’t the answer but rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure would be.

The problem is about poverty and jobs and the blame can be laid upon the House of Representatives foursquare as the president has offered bills that would have addressed the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure and thereby created millions of jobs for those who need them the most. Maybe his bills needed work and could have been strengthened or even improved but the House leadership has offered no alternative and have in fact refused to even consider them. That’s not bi-partisanship that’s stupidity.

But there is no attempt at bi-partisanship on the part of the Party of No. Mitch McConnell in recent interview plainly stated that if they retake the senate they plan on one thing and one thing only doing everything in their power to end Barack Obama’s presidency. That’s not statesmanship. That’s giving their middle finger to all of the citizens of this nation.

They are a party whose leadership is racist and petty and whose only goal is to either destroy the presidency of Barak Obama or this nation or both. And they don’t seem to give a damn what happens to the people they have sworn an oath to represent nor the nation they are sworn to protect and defend.

Bob Bearden


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