Today is election day for the primary run-off

Today is election day for the primary run-off. I have already cast my vote several weeks ago. There are a number of good people who after today will not still be in the running. But whoever is will hopefully be able to make a difference come November and start to change things for the better in Oklahoma. We should be tired of the same old same old at the state capitol. They mostly carry the baggage for big oil and the fracking industry which is not good for Oklahoma in the long term. But they don’t care it’s how much money they can put in their pockets in the short term that counts. And the environment be damned.

Fossil fuel is a drag on our world and all the things it brings can be changed for the better but first we have to have legislators and public officials who want to change and who want to save our world and our state for those who will come after us. Oil and gas production was fine when we didn’t have the available technology to make things better in our world but now we do and eventually our world will run out of fossil fuel because it takes way too long to renew that type of energy and we are already at the peak of production for fossil fuel downhill is the only way it’s going to go from here.

My question for big oil and gas is why aren’t they trying to diversify and seek out new energy sources with all of their insane profits. Diversity makes much more sense than ‘drill baby drill’, especially in light of the fact that eventually that phrase will go the way of the dodo. They have the ability to make changes in our world that will benefit everyone and still make huge profits. As Joseph Welch said to Joe McCarthy, “Have they no shame. At long last have they no shame?” Why wouldn’t they want their children and grandchildren to live in a world that is clear and clean?

It makes no sense to me that when we have the technology and right here in Oklahoma we have more wind than any place on earth so why not start investing their millions upon millions of profits in wind technology? Wouldn’t it make perfect sense for them to invest in something that could continue to sustain their profits long after they have left Mother Earth for other climes hot or fair? Why wouldn’t they want to leave for themselves a legacy of hope and change for the better?

I wonder why they don’t seem to care about their progeny at all. They seem to be focused simply on the present and the future of their children be damned. Makes absolutely no sense, but that’s why I always vote democratic. Democrats aren’t perfect by any means but they do seem to care more about our future than the other party does.

Bob Bearden


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