Primary Elections Oklahoma

The final stage of the primary elections in Oklahoma are history. Not all of the candidates that won would have been of my choosing but I congratulate the winners and wish them well in the fall General Election. Hopefully their perseverance will carry over in November and they will not only get elected they will become the change they have pledged to be in our state. We need doers not sayers. We have plenty of promises from politicians most of which have long since floated off into the winds and been forgotten, not by the people but certainly by the politicians.

We need statesmen and stateswomen now more than ever. We have enough tea bags to go around, in point of fact we are drowning in tea baggery and they only want to destroy not recreate or improve. They know nothing of substance and they are full of hate, can’t quote the constitution correctly on a bet; and will if allowed to stay in office and do all in their power to end the USA as we know it, creating in the process – what? a utopia of high ideals that have no basis in fact.

This is our world candidates and welcome to it, but don’t just hawk your brand we have plenty of brand names and most of them ain’t doing nothing but trying to get re-elected. They spout endlessly and prattle on mightily about what they are going to do and then the last we see of them they are hightailing it out of town and spouting rhetoric that sounds good on a 5 second sound bite but tells nothing about what they are willing to do to make the world a safe, saner and better place than when they found it.

It is stewardship and leadership and responsible behavior we seek not some idiot grousing about birthers and impeachment and government shutdown. If you can’t do something to fix our infrastructure that is crumbling under our feet then get the hell out of Dodge and go somewhere and cry yourself to sleep. We need doers and fixers not chronic complainers. We can’t fix stupid so take your dumbness somewhere else and hand it off to someone who actually gives a damn cause we care about what is wrong not about you trying to palm off some ignorant half-baked theory about how global warming ain’t and our president ain’t no real American! We already have enough stupid Gomers to last us a lifetime. What we need is smart people who actually care about our world and welcome to it.

Dumb asses we have and we are pretty much sick and tired of these stupilized. simple thinking idiots. Of these we are full up of and have no need of any more. Guys having bad hair days spouting their conspiracy theories and birthers theories need not apply. If you ain’t got that swing then you need to deplane. We need real people who actually have a clue as to what is really going on in this world of ours and are willing to make a difference for all not just a petrified few rich cranks who want all that they have and everything that everyone else has as well.

We need people who care about people not just a few of the people but every single other regardless of where they are on the food chain of life! Me too days should be over. We too days where all count but none too much (thanks Rudyard for that) that’s what we need. One for all and all for one!

Bob Bearden


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