There is no War on Women

WAR-Logo-Red-on-black“There is no War on Women,” so declares the GOPers (empathsis upon pee’rs). But, all the polls say by a vast majority that women voters are highly more likely to vote for Democratic and Independent candidates for office than the GOP’ers. So why is that? Since according to the GOP’ers there is no War on Women from them or from the far right, despite the fact that they have blocked every attempt to allowing women access to contraceptives.

And now In what would appear a desperate move to sway women voters that they aren’t at war with, back to their side of the aisle a couple of candidates for US Senate seats in Colorado and North Carolina are calling for allowing women to purchase the contraceptives they need over the counter without a prescription. What’s this? They only wanted to allow women to purchase contraceptives with a prescription and restrict even that access because women shouldn’t be allowed access so easily to contraceptives because it was tatamount to dancing with the devil. Now it’s give it to them without restrictions? Sound like a desperate ploy to buy votes? Well, I don’t know about you but, yeah it does to me!

The whole issue on providing contraceptives to women was a just a short time ago all about killing babies and religious values being trod mightily upon and now it’s just about what? Buying votes because guess what they need women to vote for them to get elected. Fancy that? Who knew? Doesn’t it seem like to you that these people’s religious values waver and melt away when they become desperate for votes and realize that hey I probably can’t win if I keep pissing off the female voters in my state with my radical Christian right views.

So let’s see let’s just switch off my Christian values long enough to fool enough women that they will vote for me and get me elected and then, and then, and then, aahoh, and then I’ll revisit my former Christian values and be a GOP’er for Jesus again. That ought to work right? Doesn’t matter what I believe as long as I make enough women think I have came over to their side.

Well, might just work but I really don’t think they have thought out this new strategy. Women voters tend to be much smarter than men and they don’t have that male appendage to cloud their thinking like a lot of men do so fooling women voters ain’t near as easy as the GOP’ers seem to think. Good luck with that guys.

The GOP needs to have a clear strategy and stick with it. They had to come down off of their kill Obamacare strategy because now millions of the previously uninsured now have started to realize Obamacare is affordable and they like it and it’s working. They had to change their strategy on Gay Marriage. They have had to back off on Obama bashing because the people are tired of them bashing him and offering nothing concrete to make their lives better.

So what’s next? Embracing legalizing marijuana? Yeah! Let’s try that! Sounds like a plan to me, won’t change who I vote for but desperate times call for desperate measures and legalized marijuana in some form may just be the next coming thing.

You go guys! When you’re hanging off a cliff by your fingernails you will likely try anything to keep from falling into the abyss!

Bob Bearden


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