Wildcat Strikes by Fast Food Workers

imagesThe one day wildcat strikes by fast food workers yesterday occurred in at least 150 cities. They were called to bring to the public’s attention the plight of low wage workers and the need to raise the minimum wage to a level at which workers at the lower end of the economic scale can feed, clothe and house their families without being a burden on the economy or themselves. It’s a simple act of desperation for many as they struggle to put enough food on their tables that their families won’t go hungry every day.

It is a crisis in this nation when millions of workers can’t adequately protect their families from starvation. It has nothing to do with choices bad or good. It has to do with fairness and the common good. At a time when American corporations are reaping more profits in one quarter than they used to receive in the entire year income equality has risen to a level that is totally unreasonable.

No one denies corporations the right to make a profit, but how much is too much and why aren’t they willing to share some of their good fortunate with the workers who through their hard work and dedication make it possible for the corporation to make such a high profit. And don’t tell me it was the executives and the CEO’s who deserve the credit, because without the workers and their high productivity corporate executives would not be enjoying the insane profits they are today.

American worker productivity has grown steadily over the years to the highest level it has ever been and American workers lead the world in worker productivity. But they aren’t being allowed to share in the good fortunes they have brought about with their dedication, hard work and productivity. And that’s truly outrageous.

And don’t give me that crud that low wage workers choose to work at a job where they often have no benefits and don’t receive adequate enough pay to feed, clothe and house their families. When you have to work to eat and to feed your family you take what’s available. That’s not by choice that’s out of desperation and need. No one chooses to work for inferior wages. To think that and actually believe it is stupid on so many levels.

Fast food workers are among the most exploited workers in the world. And they are because places like McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast food chains know they are desperate and they know that they can take advantage of them because of that desperation. It should be unacceptable for an employer to think that it is okay to take advantage of someone’s need to work and use and exploit their desperation by using them to gain profits for their company. Profits that they horde for themselves and their stockholders. It’s pure unadulterated greed.

Workers of the world it is time to arise and tell those corporate slave masters who are using you, your hard work and sweat to become today’s royalty, that it is time to stop exploiting you so that they can grow fat rich and cranky. It is time to pay you a fair and living wage. Billionaires aren’t necessarily bad people but if they aren’t willing to pay a fair and living wage to their employees they certainly aren’t candidates for employer of the year.

It is time to raise the minimum wage and put it back to the living wage it once was and that it was always meant to be. It is time to tell those who love corporate personhood so much, if you think your corporation is a human, then you need to start acting like you are, and really become a part of the human race. It is time to start having a little humanity and compassion. That’s what real humans do! That’s the Christian way and that’s WJWD!

Bob Bearden


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