Workers Who Took to the Streets

It seems like there are those who believe that those fast food workers who took to the streets, to call attention to their plight brought on by the low wages they receive for the work that they do, have no sympathy with their situations. Some seem to think that if you accept a low wage low paying no benefit job it’s strictly by your choice and your choice only and that if you don’t want to work for low wages and no benefits then you shouldn’t accept the position.

But that reasoning is pretty flawed and is in my opinion usually voiced by people who have no clue about why a lot of low wage workers are mired in the throes of poverty. If you believe it is by choice then that tells me you haven’t any real concept of what poverty means. People (despite what Lord Ronnie the Reagan once pronounced) who are stuck in the throes of poverty don’t make that choice out desire to be poor. They often never have a choice as most of them were born into poverty and don’t have the silver spooned daddy a lot of those who are looking down upon them were lucky to be born with.

Poverty isn’t visited upon them because of bad choices they make either. We all make bad choices but some of us have a foundation of friends and family that prevent us falling into the abyss that is poverty. Millions of our fellow citizens don’t have that foundation. Believing that people want to be poor is a nice way of showing a blind eye and taking on a ‘it ain’t no concern of mine if they want to be poor they should have made better choices in life like I did’.

Such as being born with great parents and great friends who had the means and advantages to give me that which millions aren’t blessed with. Poverty for poverty’s sake is a myth perpetuated by those who have no compassion and very little Christian charity for helping those who live on life’s other side as Hank Williams Sr. once put it in his poignant evocative song “A Picture From Life’s Other Side’.

Giving aid and comfort to those less fortunate and those not blessed with the type of foundation that some of us have is written in our Constitution, it’s called promoting the general welfare, ensuring the domestic tranquility and securing the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. And it is the Christian thing to do. If you really claim to follow that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth, who said, “What you do unto the least of mine, you also do unto me:” then you would understand that’s what his teachings were all about.

Those are pretty clear statements of whether or not we should be on the side of those less fortunate and why we should not be blaming them for their situations but trying to find ways to help them throw off the yoke of poverty. One of the best and most realistic ways to do that is to raise the minimum wage and start to pay a living and fair wage it good for the economy and it’s good for our brothers and sisters whose economic status leaves them in a perpetual state of poverty unable to make enough to adequately feed, clothe and house their families. And it’s certainly the Christian way!

Bob Bearden


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