The wealthy class say that low wage workers who want to be paid more are greedy

Strange that in today’s world those on the margins of humanity are often blamed for the greed that infects the rich. Marginalized people aren’t greedy they’re hungry and afraid. Their sin is not having enough of anything. Their sin is not being able to feed their families or themselves. That’s not a sin but because of their situation we’re are told and many people believe the evils of the world and the sins of the marketplace are the fault of those have little.

Members of the elite class, the wealthy class say that low wage workers who want to be paid more are greedy and because they are greedy it is they who are the problem not those who have much, but those who have little and want just a tad more of the pie. And incredibly many people find that scenario to be to their liking and somehow believe it. That’s the incredible part, a belief that those who are often just one step from starvation, who have to struggle every month just to pay the rent or put gas in their automobiles are the cause of the problem.

We as Americans seem to have infinite capacity for amnesia when comes to those who cause us economic woes. The Wall Street Bankers and investors and brokers took our nation to the brink of a depression in 2008 and we within a year immediately forgave them of their sins and now we have jumped on the bandwagon of greed they have created and say oh yeah the people at fault here aren’t those guys and gals on Wall Street who tried to bring us down the problem here are those nasty old low wage workers who just want a fair and living wage.

Low wage workers they aren’t playing with a full deck. They took those jobs knowing what they paid, if they didn’t want to accept those wages why did they take them in the first place? And because they want more and better pay they are gonna cause a financial crisis in our nation and the world. Them greedy bastards! What’s with them? Never mind that not a single financial crisis in the world has ever been caused by workers demanding better wages and a fair shake in the work place.

Higher wages, benefits, health insurance have always helped improve a nation’s economic situation not bring it down. So why do so many believe and always find it easy to believe that because low wage workers want better working conditions and better wages it’s doom to the world as we know if they get them and why do they see low wage working demands as greed, when the real greed is the financiers and the bankers raising their rates of interest and raking in more and more profits while cutting jobs and outsourcing work to 3rd world nations. And thinking up Ponzi schemes that is always the cause of economic chaos?

Workers aren’t the problem. Higher wages and benefits aren’t the problem. The problem is ignorance of the causes of economic problems and who causes them. And the lack of the people to understand that never in the history of the world has better working conditions, higher wages and fair treatment of workers been the cause of economic inequality, but greed and avarice by those at the higher end of the economic scale almost always has. Greed corrupts! And absolute greed corrupts absolutely.

Why do we always fault the poor and disadvantaged as the reasons we as a nation can’t do better? It makes absolutely no sense because when the citizens of a nation prosper from the bottom up the economy of that nation prospers. The rich always get richer when the economic situation of a nation is fair and balanced in its equality. That is a simple irrefutable fact, it’s economics 101! Duh!

Bob Bearden


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