What a way to start this soft sweet morning

What a way to start this soft sweet morning. Listening as Juice Newton sings her beautiful Angel of the Morning and the sweet feeling as Dean Martin croons his signature Volare and now the Beetles with perhaps their most beautiful of all compositions Yesterday. Great way to begin this another beautifully crafted morning.


Now Tommy Edwards’ gorgeously beautiful Since I Fell For You. The wafting strings in the background as he softly sings the lyrics, sad though the song it brings on a nice feeling of remembrance adding sweetly to the morning rising softly as I watch all the fine feathers gather together to feast at the bird feeder. Now Tommy on his signature song All In The Game.

Nice way to begin a long day of meetings that will stretch into the nighttime hours before they end. Just a nice way to relax and contemplate the natural order of things in nature. Soft sweet morning rise. Beautiful thoughts and sweet remembrances of things past but not in the least forgotten. Still love them old songs maybe the only one left who does but that’s okay they sooth my soul and get me ready to meet the world on my terms.

A sweet song, a fine cup of home brewed coffee and thou sweet precious memories. All is not lost and another day begins just as it should.

Bob Bearden


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