What a gorgeous moon out tonight

What a gorgeous moon out tonight. Reminded me of the old Johnny Horton standard Baby I’m Ready If You’re Willing, that starts off There’s a big bright moon out tonight, The night is just made for love, Baby I’m ready if you’re willing. Or Elvis’ mother’s favorite song When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again. The moon also takes me back to my childhood days and the first time I saw one of those moons as a child. My cousin told me it was the old man in the moon, moon cause if you looked close enough you could him, and I did on more than one occasion.


That big golden orb has always gave me a warm fuzzy feeling for some reason. Moons like it are rare and whenever I see one I think of all the people I love and have loved and it gives me pleasure. Of it signifies the start of the autumnal equinox and the coming harvest in the Native American culture and a time of feasting and enjoyment and the giving of thanks for the harvest and the beginning of the autumnal season.

My mother always called it a lover’s moon and I have always thought of it in that manner myself I guess partly from her suggestiveness in naming it that way. It is bright enough and large enough for lovers to be together underneath it and the moon in many cultures, including the Native American culture has much significance as to its part in love and the beginnings of love certainly. There is definitely something to be said for that, that is more than just folklore.

Love always plays out more deeply under a golden moon and whether that is myth or something that is provable through the logic of science I don’t know or care I just happen to believe that the moon and stars can and do often cast a spell upon lovers. I know from my own experience that is does. I asked my wife to marry me underneath a brilliantly lit sky with a full moon above and stars all aglow in the heavens while crossing the Red River and she after admonishing me to cross the river and pull over said yes.

Was I in love before that night? Yes, but the convex of the moon and the stars on a brilliant night in January played a major part in making that come to fruition and I have never doubted that it did. Perhaps it was and is my Native American spirituality that plays into that but I know in my heart than on that night at that exact moment in time all the things necessary came together and it was the right place and right time and until her death in 2000 it worked and was real, beautiful and true and in some place within my soul and my heart it still is.

Ode to a Golden Moon,
Tonight the moon is yellow,
As it rises magnificent in the sky,
The wispy clouds caress it,
And it floats there upon on high.

The night is alive in the beauty,
Of its gorgeous golden glow,
It is the purveyor of love undying,
True love weetly given here below.

In the heavens it is astonishing,
Breathtaking in its wanton glory,
Shining down upon lovers below,
Allowing each to write their story.

Bob Bearden


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