President’s Speech

Lot’s of furor generated over the President’s speech on how he intends to deal with ISIS. Most of the pundits seem to think he didn’t really outline a viable strategy. And members of congress were quickly critical of his intentions and hurt that he seemed ready to act without them. Oh really? When you have a congress who is deadlocked and refuses to act then what would you suggest he do?

There is no easy answer to the problems created by ISIS they are a force that has no compunction to act in a sane and normal manner and they are killing without compunction. They are terrorizing the Middle East and killing and destroying whomever gets in their path. Something must be done but whatever action is taken will require a resolve on the part of a lot of nations not just the good old US of A.

We are not the world’s policemen even if we have been acting like it for a long time. The causes behind the rise of ISIS are many and we as a nation have some share in making them what they have become. We have some responsibility in trying to curb them, but there is no feeling in this nation for putting more of our troops in harm’s way as in boots on the ground, though there may be no other way to stop the spread of their vile brand of ideology.

What we do need is cooperation and boots on the ground from Iraq, Turkey, and other Middle East nations and their resolve to stem the tide that is ISIS. If they haven’t the resolve to stay the course we can’t be the force that steps in, in their absence. America is tired of continual war despite what war hawks like Lindsay Graham and John McCain seem to think and the answer to this crisis lies in consensus not America as John Wayne riding to the rescue. Not sending more Americans to die for someone else’s ideology or their lack of it.

We share in the cause and effect that has created ISIS and we have some responsibility in seeing them defeated. But ISIS is not entirely of our doing and we cannot be the only mechanism of their demise as an evil fanatical force in the Middle East. Defeating an ideology can’t be done solely by military force we have to find a way to quit going to war to protect our source of energy and that way is to find better sources that are cleaner and cheaper and renewable without having to wait for a thousand years. Those sources are available.

And in the end we have to quit spreading hate. Hate is one of the main reasons we now have to deal with the insane ideology that is ISIS. As Johnny Rivers said in his iconic Where Have All The Flowers Gone, When will we ever learn?

Bob Bearden


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