Reality Show Coming this Season on the Whatever Channel

New reality show coming this season on the whatever channel. Duck Dynasty meets Sarah Palin and it’s a free for all no holds barred combination of Phil Robertson explaining how the Bible really should be interpreted and Sarah who will not only explain what’s wrong with the world but how to beat up anyone who disagrees with you on that or any other subject of interest.

Sarah Palin brawling with her family at a party in Alaska. North To Alaska Sarah Palin style. Moose shooting from a plane must be out of season. And now we know what the elite do in Alaska on those long days where the moon never shines and the sun does all day long. Beat the hell out of anyone who pisses you and yours off. And to think she almost made it to within a heartbeat away from the presidency. Maybe we need to send her and her whole family to the Middle East to deal with ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

We do love our weirdoes in America. Phil Robertson explaining the Bible, Tom Green introducing school kids to bible study, Sarah Palin teaching us all about brawling. One might wonder what Putin thought when he looked out his window and saw the Palin clan in a barroom style donnybrook. Oh that’s right you actually can’t see Russia from her kitchen window.

We seem to get our kicks now not from Route 66 but from a bunch of increasingly weirder and weirder people who come upon the scene grow a beard that makes them look like a cross between a member of the Taliban and member of some odd religious sect that hasn’t quite realized they are in the 21st Century. Or from some former beauty queen contestant who would be a government leader if she could just figure out where Kurdistan or some such istan was. And suddenly we are making google eyes at these people who are telling us all this weird crap and we are eating it up and believing every word we know ain’t in the least bit true, but gosh don’t they say the darnest things or what.
We have always had our Johnny Come Lately like P. T. Barnum and didn’t they used to like to lay out shot up outlaws and charge 10cents to walk by them after they had been shot up. In fact one of those outlaws I don’t remember which at the moment got lugged around the country for years and served up to the public in various towns for 10cents a look before someone finally had the decency to get him buried in the ground where he should have been right after is sudden and untimely demise.

Frank James ended up his days charging $.50 to visitors at his ranch to be regaled with tales of his and brother Jesse’s derringdo days. Cole Younger a James boys cousin who survived his errant ways went around the country giving lectures and working in various Wild West Show portraying himself and made a fair living at the doing so I guess we shouldn’t be dissing the Duckster Phil or Sarah the Palin for trying to get rich off being idiots it’s pretty much been the American way for as long as we’ve been a nation. Crass stupidity and idiocy sells and we as Americans are those suckers P.T. meant when he said one was born every minute.

It just seems rather crass and dishonorable way to make a buck, but what do I know? There’s seem to be a big market for Americans watching crazy people doing weird things and loving every minute of it. These so-called reality shows make no sense to me and I am not amused nor entertained by them in the least. Not my thing of course as I adhere to the Forest Gump adage, Stupid is as stupid does!

Bob Bearden


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