It is Now Clear Why Obama Recently Said He Had No ISIS Strategy.

Before going into wild opinionville on President Obama’s statement about not having a strategy, know that when he says there is no strategy there is a strategy.  Saying there is no strategy is most likely part of that strategy.

Strategy“It is now clear why Obama recently said he had no ISIS strategy.” see Z Facts

Obama’s ISIS Strategy

 It is now clear why Obama recently said he had no ISIS strategy. Ten Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia just announced they would join the US in a strategy to destroy ISIS. It’s much harder to bring players like that on board if you announce that you’ve decided everything and just want them to join you and do what you’ve decided needs doing. So in fact he had a much more subtle strategy than the hard left and hard right could imagine, and the first step was to gain crucial support from the Arabs.

In fact, those complaining about his strategy understand little about war or about strategy in any competitive game. You don’t announce your strategy, that only helps your opponent. And in politics is makes no sense to announce that you have a great strategy, but you’re not telling what it is. So the only course is to play your cards close to your vest. – Z Facts

Here’s one person who doesn’t think much but likes to talk a lot while looking like an expect on stuff. Both talking heads in this video even look supper serious. Notice how sure of everything folks like this appear.  Sadly, there are lots more of these characters out there making asses of themselves.

If cowboy rushing in alone like Rambo or some other hero is what folks prefer, by all means, let them move to Hollywood.


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