To war or not to war that is the question. The answer for congress is simple. We aren’t going to answer that until after the election. It’s an election year no hard questions for us to answer until after the election and then ,maybe we’ll be to get our guts back and then we’ll be able to step up and do the right thing which is actually do something. Or maybe not, after all we weren’t elected to take action that’s the president’s job. Our job is to sue him if we don’t like what action he takes.

We have a totally dysfunctional congress, especially in the House where they will do nothing while calling on the president to take action and then suing him when he does. How gutless is that? And guess what most of these clowns expect us to re-elect them in November and sadly most of us will go to the polls and vote their gutless behinds back into office and then decry how upset we are with them because they won’t do anything except blame the president for their inability to take action.

What has happened to this nation and its people? When did we become mesmerized by a bunch of wild-eyes hypocrites who run for office because they want to do away with our constitutional form of government and then in the next breath proclaim themselves to be patriots? How can a person claim to be a patriot and yet proclaim in the next breath they want to destroy the very government that they proclaim to be patriotic about?

It makes no sense. And it makes no sense that we continue to elect people to public office who spew forth that kind of drivel. It makes no sense that we keep returning to office people who don’t want to work with our president who just happens to be half Black but who proclaim they don’t hate him because of his race they just don’t like the way he leads this nation and yet when given an opportunity to work with him and rebuild this nation’s infrastructure they will not even consider a bill presented by a president they don’t hate but refuse to work with and still claim they are not motivated by a dislike for him based upon the color of his skin.

It’s way past that now. They have hated him since the day he took office and they can proclaim their lack of prejudice and bigotry all they want to but their actions say otherwise. They can cloak their hatred in whatever way they want to but it won’t change who they are and it won’t change the facts. And the facts are they can’t hate our government and still profess to patriotic Americans, because if they do they are not.

They are simply without intestinal fortitude to stand up and say how they really feel and how they really believe. Because what they have been doing to this nation and its people is bordering on treasonous and it’s all because they hate the fact that the American public went to the polls twice and elected a half white half African American to highest position in the land that of president of the United States.

You can blame the democrats for a lot of things but you can’t blame them for being bigots or racists because they are not. The democratic party has committed those sins in their past lives but they have moved past that and reinvented themselves as the most inclusive party that has ever existed. Not all democrats are perfect nor are they saints of any sort but they aren’t acting like two year old delinquents either. There is one party in this nation who is acting like grown ups but it is not the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

That party is embracing hatred, bigotry and racism. They are embracing people, in fact they are welcoming them into their midst, people who hate our nation, its people and our government and who want to destroy it from within. And they have fooled enough people into believing what they are saying that our nation is actually in danger of falling prey to them and their beliefs.

They embrace the politics that proclaim the rich are suffering and the poor and disadvantaged are the ones who are the cause. They have convinced a lot of people that low wage workers are the reason the economy isn’t where it should be and that low wage workers don’t deserve to receive a fair and living wage because they are lazy and shiftless and don’t really want to work, and that it’s okay for rich people to own 60 percent of all the wealth in this country and that it is wrong for anyone to speak out against that philosophy.

They blame children for being hungry and they blame poor people for being poor and that all the problems of this nation are because poor people are lazy and shiftless and don’t want to work. They spread hate, avarice and fear as a way to keep people believing that what they tell them is true and sadly a lot of people who should know better are buying it even when all the evidence proves otherwise.

Sadly they have gladly driven a wedge in this nation so wide that it may never be healed. But that’s what spreading hate and fear usually works to do. How can we change this scenario? And can we change it?

I’m not sure we can but we certainly have to try. We have to keep speaking truth to power and we have to keep spreading the news that their kind of world isn’t what we need. And we have to go to the polls and speak with one voice. There isn’t any perfect politicians but if we keep electing those whose only purpose is to destroy this nation they will succeed in their quest.

We have to make sure that every citizen has the right to vote and that they are not kept from exercising that right. Denying any citizen the right to cast their vote is wrong and passing laws that are designed to prevent whole segments of our society from voting is wrong.

The color of ones skin is no cause for hate nor bigotry and we have to call out politicians who continue to spread hate and bigotry. As my favorite minister says, “Either we all matter or none of us do!”

Bob Bearden


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