NFL Damage Control

Things aren’t going well for the NFL and that rhymes. But so what they are a billion dollar business plus – no wait they are maybe closer to being a trillion dollar business and they don’t have to act like they are the only kid on the block because pretty much they are. So this too shall pass? Well, maybe so, maybe not.

Their new game plan? Their new play book? Damage control and with this they are trying hard to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ with only 1 second to go in regulation. How’s that going for them? No particularly well as what they have done so far is 3 out and punt and it’s making some of their big name sponsors just a tad antsy.

So now they are going to get right with the world? They are calling all women come forth and save our behinds. Don’t think about how we’ve treated you and your abusive husbands and boyfriends and significant others in the past, a new day is dawning it’s not the Age of Aquarius but well we’re turning over a new leaf and we need your help.

And guess what Roger Goodell has once more surfaced and he is still saying the same thing as he did before. We in the NFL didn’t know! We didn’t see the video! We are blameless we just got it wrong! Yeah right? They got it wrong alright but their house of cards is slowly collapsing around them and they are grasping at any straw in the storm in hopes they can make it go away. Make it right? Naugh! That’s not what concerns them, what concerns them is the bottom line and it’s shrinking, not much of course but it is shrinking.

A new poll is out of just die hard NFL fans and what the NFL has done so far is turning off 14 percent. Not a big figure when you think that 86 percent still don’t really give a damn about domestic violence and how the NFL is handling it. But 14 percent is enough to get the attention of a lot of big time sponsors and it could well represent a huge loss of revenue and even those cranky old owners who couldn’t care less about polls and what women think are starting to realize that oops maybe we need to do something.

Well the steps they are taking may work after all football is an addiction and the NFL has addicted a huge portion of our populace and whatever they do about this crisis that has fallen in their midst those fans will for the most part say great and let’s get back to bumping a few heads for the home team.

But the bottom line to coin a phrase that has already been coined, the bottom line is money talks and until big money sponsors started talking and hedging their bets the NFL had already decided that this too shall pass and let’s just keep a low profile (you too Roger) and see if it will go away. But it didn’t.

We have social media out the wazoo these days you pretty much can’t spit on Aunt Minnie’s daisies or Uncle Pete’s roses without that showing up on some TV station or the very least U Tube or Facebook or Twitter. As the old adage goes every action as an opposite and equal reaction and therein lies the problem for the NFL.

They have always been great at deflecting critics and hiding the facts and sweeping their bad boys under the rug, but social media is starting to trump that and more and more people are sprouting consciences and getting more and more social about how things should be not how some old rich old wanna be jock would like it to be.

Domestic violence is now on the front pages of every newspaper and splashed all over the talk shows and now that we have 24/7 news outlets it isn’t just dying out and going away. So NFL welcome to the new world it’s your world too and you can’t hide out behind a cloak of hear no evil see no evil do nothing about it anymore. And you can’t just look away when one of your million dollar babies beats the crap out of their significant other and bring out the guys with the brooms to sweep it under the rug!

It’s about time!

Bob Bearden


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