What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Well, actually nothing really except for having a bat-sh*t crazy Secretary of State. This guy is certifiable. The US Senate race is a hotly contested one and until recently there were 3 candidates, the Republican Incumbent, a Democrat and an Independent. Well all the polls showed that even though Kansasans didn’t much like the incumbent in a 3 way race he was ahead. So the Democrats got together with the Independent and their guy, the Democrat pulled out of the race because the polls in a head to head battle with the incumbent the Independent was way out front and the Dems decided they could live with that.

But they didn’t count on the kooky did I say bat sh*t crazy Secretary of State. The Democrat went to the election board to have his name removed from the ballot prior to the deadline to do that. Ah but Herr Kobach the Secretary of State said nope ain’t gonna let you. So the Democrat took his case to the Kansas Supreme Court who ruled he couldn’t keep the guy from removing his name from the ballot. So the Mad Hatter of the Plains decided he would give the Democrats 8 days to name a new candidate or he would take them to court. But that didn’t work either since he can’t actually force them to do that.

So he got even more creative and stupid at the same time. He had allowed in his court brief trying to keep from having to remove the Democrat from the ballot that he had to send the overseas ballots out no later than September 20th as that is the federal deadline for doing that. Then when things began to go south for him he told everyone he had asked for and been granted an extension on that by the Justice Department only he hadn’t they noted that they had received nothing from him and wouldn’t have granted him another week even if they had.

Egad foiled again. But this guy is like the villain in the old Coasters song Along Came Jones he just ain’t gonna give up. Now he has written a letter to be mailed out with the ballots going overseas to Kansasans voting by Absentee Ballot that his enclosing a ‘Disclaimer’ and that though they are receiving this ballot they will likely receive another ballot and that though they can vote with the first ballot that he may be sending them another ballot and that ballot if sent will supercede the 1st ballot.

Well he has tried every tactic he can think of except maybe throwing himself under a bus to prevent the race for the US Senate to be a two man race and nothing has worked. He is worse than the villain in Along Came Jones who was only trying to steal Poor Sweet Sue’s ranch. This guy is making every effort legal or not to steal the election.

But wait as the guy in the commercial loves to scream out there’s more. He has supposedly asked the Justice Department to set the November 4th General Election back to November 12th so he can do what? Who knows. This guy needs to be lead to a padded cell and looked after by compentent professionals before he starts to hurt himself.

So what’s the matter with Kansas? If they could just get a person in the Kansas Secretary of State Office who actually had a fair knowledge of the law they’d be fine.

Bob Bearden


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