We Must Take Our World Back

Apollo_17_Image_Of_Earth_From_SpaceClimate change is real, although most of the officials in our state will not acknowledge that it is. They of course are owned lock, stock and teardrop by oil interests. They know the truth but because of their interest in receiving money from big oil they deny that the moon is even Stilton to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling. And no matter how many experts say otherwise they keep on denying the facts as presented and available.

We are killing our environment and they just don’t give a damn. Alternate energy is available and plentiful and renewable and clean. But we as a nation are addicted to the combustible engine and they, big oil don’t want us weaned off of that addiction. Oil production has peaked and will likely never rise again because we are slowly and surely sucking up all of the fossil fuel in the earth. And it’s renewability is at a much slower rate than we are withdrawing it from the earth. We are going deeper and trying risky things to bring more oil above ground to feed our addiction and that is what is scary because if we pollute our Mother Earth enough at some point we won’t be able to reverse the effect of our pollution.

The most precious resource we have here in this nation is not oil it is water. We have to have it to sustain life. We can’t drink oil and we can’t drink water that has been polluted by oil. And no matter how you frame it tar sands oil is not clean and it is the most dangerous pollutant around. Oil spills are almost everyday occurrences now that big oil is trying its best to suck the ground dry of what oil is left underneath us. And the pipelines that are bringing this oil to our refineries are bursting with uncanny regularity and despite what big oil and its interests say pipelines are not safe and when they break our rivers streams and aquaifiers are in danger of being polluted beyond recovery and when our source of underground water is gone we will be in mortal danger.

To say nothing of what fracking (the method for extracting tar sand oil from the earth) is causing. Fracking damages the earth’s inner crust and now science knows that fracking is causing earthquakes wherever it is being done. But again big oil and the politicians who suck from the big oil teat say it isn’t happening. As Mark Twain once noted, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!” What does science say about what the eventual result of increased earthquakes caused by fracking? They don’t fully know but they do know that it isn’t good and that the possibilities are bad. Increased damage to our inner earth will likely have catastrophic consequences.

Science already know the damage earthquakes can have on our environment and none of the damage is ever good news. Shifts in the inner earth of our planet from the effects of earthquakes can cause rivers to dry up and disappear entirely and what might happen to our underground water sources can only be envisioned as not something we should ever want to happen. Without our underground water sources life as we know it on earth cannot be sustained because weather cannot be depended upon to bring enough rain to water our world.

The lack of water would cause crop failures and world-wide famine and millions would literally starve to death to say nothing of what the lack of drinking water would have on the people of our planet.

Climate change is real and we as a people must start to realize that our addiction on fossil fuel can and will have terrible consequences unless we begin to realize that big oil and the politicians they own do not have our best interests in mind and that if we don’t wake up soon there will be no going back and saving our world. There is an old Native American proverb that goes, “We do not own this our Mother Earth. It is given to us as a sacred trust, handed down from our ancestors who turned it over to us for safekeeping. We must leave as little a footprint upon it as possible and turn it over to our children and grandchildren in much the same manner as we received, because Mother Earth belongs to us all!”

We cannot let greed and avarice be our hallmarks. We must take our world back from those who seek to destroy it without any regard for our world and for the generations who will come after us. If fact if we don’t take it back there is likely to be no future generations.

Bob Bearden


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