Michelle Bachman, Oh Wonderfull

As so comes again that sage of the north, Michelle Bachman, who opines that if we did away with Child Labor Laws whole families could work and we could do away with SNAP programs and unemployment insurance. Jeez, it’s difficult to understand how this woman ever got elected to any position much less to congress.

Child labor laws came about so children didn’t have to work 12 and 14 hours, and so they could go to school and get an education and be smarter than ignorant people the ilk of Michelle Bachman. How does anyone defend such stupidity? Ah one would assume with more stupidity and ignorance.

The old adage about nations is never out of style to paraphrase it you might say ‘Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them’. But even that doesn’t explain the stupid that resides in the brain of Michelle Bachman or those of her ilk. And of course Forest Gump that brilliant sage is right especially when it comes to explaining the Michelle Bachman’s of this world, “Stupid is as stupid does”! Actually I think rightly that quote should be credited to his mother but it works either way.

The problem I have with those on the right and especially those like Michelle, Rush and the Donald Trump’s is that they don’t want things to change at all, they want for our nation and its citizens to stay ‘Dumb and proud of it’! These people hate communism but that was why it failed, because the deeply conservative communists didn’t want change, didn’t want reform and improvement. Too many of our conservatives prefer the status quo where women are still chattels or at least where they stay at home cook and make babies and that is what people like Michelle Bachman seem to want for our nation and its citizens. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

We can’t ever go back to the way things were and when you really look at how things were why would you want to? But we have so many people these days especially in politics who don’t want change to come. They are scared of change and they feel threatened by change and they latch onto those who talk of the ‘old days’ and wanting to return to those days. Them ‘good ole days’ may have been good when you filter out all the things that were bad but you can’t go back and filter those things away except only in your mind.

And people like Michelle Bachman do that. People like Phil Robertson do that. They change the past to make it the way they want to remember it not exactly the way it was. I remember those days of the past. I remember stepping off the AF Bus that brought me and my friend Willie Dunlap into Greenville Mississippi in 1961 and being slapped in the face with the shock of segregation. I remember being told I couldn’t come in the Coloreds Only entrance to a five and dime store because I wasn’t black. Yeah them were good old days. Except they weren’t.

I remember when four us went to the VFW in Mississippi and being told that my friend Leroy Jamison couldn’t come in with us because it was white’s only and I remember being told at a bar in El Paso that they weren’t allowed to serve Injuns. Yeah I remember them good ole days. Yes I do remember them good ole days when I was turned away from a barber shop because they thought I was Hispanic. I remember them good ole days chopping cotton and getting less even though I was doing as good a job as the adults but the farmer didn’t want to pay me full wages because I was a kid. Yeah I remember them good ole days! So tell me right wing friends what was so good about them?

Michelle Bachman is wanting go back to a time in which children were routinely forced to go to work to help feed their families to keep from having them starve to death. Yeah, tell me what’s so wonderful about them good ole days?

Bob Bearden


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