Senator James Inhofe

Now comes our illustrious Senator James Inhofe that wind song of the prairie whose mantra is God, Guns and Gays and which has worked so well for him that he has been re-elected on just that stance since assuming the position from David Boren many long years ago (to some like me it seems forever). He is so soaked with big oil money that he is starting to look like he just came from a gusher. And he knows what want they want and he knows how to give it to them.

Big oil hates anything to do with saving the environment, any mention of global warming or climate change. In fact their rear ends tighten every time they hear environmentalists cry foul and they do know about foul and how to foul the air and the lakes and the rivers and the pristine farmlands and so do their toady El Numero Uno King Jim their vassal regent.

Jim knows how his bread is buttered and it is slathered all over with that black gold, Texas T! He is desperate to keep the black gold flowing and freely so he is seeking yet another 6 years of servitude in the US Senate whereby he will be the greatest climate denier on the planet, but when you get the big bucks big oil pays you cannot expect anything less.

Jimbo is hot on the campaign trail the polls slathered with big oil money show him out front by 33 lengths and coasting. So he does a big fundraising event with all of his macho macho buddies also slathered with money. They enjoy the day immensely murdering pigeons for sport. Not one to stand on past laurels Jimbo gleefully provides video of the event! Hey, it is a fundraiser after all. A group of adoring machos standing with Jim while in the background wounded and dying pigeons flop about.

Well, the video wasn’t all that well received even in deep Red State Big Oil Money Oklahoma where sportsmen and women reside and are proud to tell you so. It’s a macho thing to go out a kill and bring home the day’s random harvest of fowl to the little woman waiting patiently ready willing and able to cook’em up and serve. Except that’s for sport and for a conservation of wildlife not for just the pure fun of ponying up $500 per head to wipe out a 1000 pigeons or so. Uck!

Oh wait a minute when the video goes viral we served them pigeons to the homeless aren’t we the great guys! Only they didn’t. Oh wait oops actually we are still environmentally stable since we paid someone to clean up our bloody mess after we finished with all the wonderful photo ops of us and the good rich guys standing around watching dying pigeons flop about in their last throes of life.

Hey people this is Jim Inhofe he’s been doing this sort of thing for the past 20 years get over it this is after all Red State Oklahoma, where we have a bunch of voters who are ‘dumb and proud of it’! What’s the big deal? Who gives a sh*t about a bunch of tree hugging, anti-fracking nuts anyway! Go Jim Dandy! Go Jim Dandy!

I’m a hunter from childhood when we often had to hunt to supplement our food intake or go hungry. I’ve owned guns all my life I’m not against responsible sportsmen and women who hunt for all the right reasons. Wildlife conservations isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But the slaughter of animals of any kind just for the fun of it and the willingness to pay $500 for the enjoyment of it is just plain sickening, at least to me. And I wonder why anyone would vote for someone who can’t tell the difference in wildlife conservation and the wanton destruction of harmless fowl!

But I also wonder if anyone in Oklahoma gives a sh*t well you would think that the voters of Oklahoma would but knowing how disconnected most voters in Oklahoma are, probably not!

Bob Bearden


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