Moore Woman Beheaded by Man Fired from Workplace

The local headlines and news feeds are screaming “Moore Woman Beheaded By A Muslim” and of course before we know any of the facts of what happened more than just what the police have announced so far. That the man was fired from his workplace and told to leave but came back in attacked two co-workers killing one by apparently beheading her and attempting to kill another before he was shot and subdued by an off duty policeman who just happened to own the company.

Police have said that so far they have no information linking this man to any terrorist organization and so far the only thing they have said about him being a Muslim is from something he is alleged to have said and other co-workers comments saying he had tried to talk them into converting to the Muslim faith.

No rush to judgment here by anybody but those who hate Muslims, at least at this point. This is a very tragic event now already being inferred by local media (in my opinion to sensationalize it and get their 5 minutes of fame before ISIS is gone for good) into being some kind of terrorist plot or terrorist cell operating in the Heartland when there is absolutely nothing at this point to suggest anything of the sort.

And do you notice rather than focusing on the tragedy of an innocent woman being horribly murdered they don’t give a damn about her or her injured co-worker, no it’s about a guy whom we don’t even know at this point if he really was a Muslim or if he was anything more than what appears on the surface just another disgruntled worker who was fired taking his revenge out on co-workers. Let’s cool it and wait for Hollywood to develop any possible sinister plots.

What really amazes me is our local media is ignoring the tragedy and co-opting for a religious slant. Why is it we never see such a slant in other heinous crimes committed by people who profess to be Christians? When the doctor was murdered in his church in Wichita Kansas because of his activities on behalf of women and their health issues. Headlines didn’t cry out Christian Doctor Murdered By a Christian.

First of all the facts need to come out as to exactly what happened and why this man did what he did. His religion may or may not have played a role in the crime he committed but even if it did you can’t condemn all people of what may be his professed religion on the basis of his heinous act. If we do that then we as Christians are in big trouble because crooks professing to be Christians have committed a lot of heinous acts on their fellow citizens and if we condemn the Christian faith that they profess follow then that makes us all guilty.

And when we start to set blame on someone who follows a certain religion and blame everyone in that religion then that makes all of the terrible acts committed by the KKK against African Americans to rest squarely on the heads of Christians because the KKK claimed to be a Christian organization and actually prayed to Christ before they went out bent on killing raping and doing their heinous deeds.

No religion is free of its misguided zealots and that includes Christians!

Bob Bearden


3 thoughts on “Moore Woman Beheaded by Man Fired from Workplace

  1. Half my family are Muslim. They don’t kill people. I don’t think this fellow is religious. If he was he would not kill others.

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