Tell Me it has Nothing to do with Race

But you can’t because it does. A young black man is shot and killed in Florida, no weapon but he wore a hoodie. A hoodie isn’t in and of itself threatening. A young black man is shot and killed in Ohio when he picked up a bb gun that he thought he might buy at Wal-Mart. He didn’t threaten anyone with but guess what he was black and so he was threatening. Wal-Mart the same store that lets white men and white women parade around in their stores with loaded AK 47s and other dangerous weapons and no one feels threatened by that? Gimme a break!

Oh, but of course that’s different they’re white they can go wherever they want loaded to the gills with guns and ammo and no one feels threatened by that? Bullsh*t. There is no way you can tell me that seeing someone in a big box store walking around with a loaded weapon that isn’t the police, isn’t threatening. That’s why they do it because they want everyone to see them and feel threatened by the fact that they are in a store with a loaded weapon in their hands.

A young Black teenager is accosted by a policeman in Ferguson Missouri for reasons that have never been made clear and the policeman ends shooting him several times even after all the witnesses say he had his hands up trying to surrender and kills him dead and that’s not about race?

Another young black man is shot in Florida when he was pulled over by a policeman because he took off his seat belt too soon. You can bet if he had been a old white guy the cop wouldn’t have even noticed. The man exits his auto as the policeman shouts to him to produce a driver’s license and when he reaches back in (I saw the video he wasn’t in the least threatening nor was his lunging) to get his license the policeman shoots him. Then when the young man raises his hands the and asks why, the policeman shoots again even as the young man is falling to the ground with his hands raised saying he’s sorry because he don’t know what he has done.

So tell me it has nothing to do with race? But you can’t because it does. None of these incidents would have ever happened it all of these young men had been in the same places and had been white. It doesn’t have anything to do with race? Yes it does because that’s the way things are welcome to a bigoted free world. Yeah right!

Eric Holder the first Black Attorney General has been vilified and called to task for his every action as Attorney General not anything new for an Attorney General appointed by a Democrat and not necessarily new for any Attorney General. Most Attorney Generals aren’t very well liked because they enforce the law. But that’s their job. But in Eric Holder’s case the racism has been evident right from the start. And there has been no let up.

And yet he has quietly and efficiently went about his job doing the right thing and standing up to those who would vilify him like the crazed congressman from Texas the aptly name Louie Gohmert who tried to take him to task over only God knows what when Holder testified before congress. Gohmert who is about 12 bushels shy of a peck told Holder to stop messing with his asparagus. No one in the right mind has yet been able to figure that one out. Of course they haven’t asked Sarah the Palin her take on that exchange yet.

It is about race and the timid national news media except for a few hardy souls on MSNBC refuse to call out those in congress and those in the media for their out and out racism directed towards Mr. Holder and his boss President Obama. And a lot of the media especially those so-called pundits and talking heads on Faux News go out of their way to act as apologists for those in congress and others who constantly attack our president and our Attorney General.

It is about race and anyone with any real intellect knows that to be true. There is a core group of people in this nation who hate the fact that millions of our citizens went to the polls and twice elected a Black Man President (actually he is half-white – a fact that all of the racists in our nation conveniently overlook) and they can blowficate all they want about how they aren’t bigoted or racists but it don’t wash.

It is what it is and it is bigotry and hatred and racism to call it anything else is just an out and out lie.

Bob Bearden


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