Jesus Christians vs Constantine Christians

imagesI make a distinction between Jesus Christians (religious) and Constantine Christians (non-religious/nationalistic)

I do.

For so long many have blamed religion for much of the problems in the world–for horrific acts committed in our own time and throughout history.  But what if it is not religion?  What if it is not that simple?

Regarding the recent killings in Moore, Oklahoma, my friend, Gary says this:

“I’ve already seen comments such as, “Time to round ’em all up”, suggesting that all Muslims should be rounded up. Rounded up and then what? Kill them all?”

Half my family are Muslim. I have to think about this. They don’t kill people. Having known them, I seriously doubt that this fellow in Moore was religious. There’s got to be some other word for that. If he was religious, he would not kill others.  Religious folks don’t kill others for being fired from a job, crazy people do that. Think about it. Didn’t Jesus say something similar to that–turn the other check? If so, then Jesus and I sometimes think alike.

“Just watched Disney’s ABC This Week. Interesting report aboard an aircraft carrier attacking isis, and blink an eye they bring this up. Don’t mention anything about his prison or mental health, just a Muslim cut someone’s head off. Authorities trying to determine if it was a disgruntled employee or something bigger. Then more reporting on the threat to us all.
No more news shows today. Going outside or watching football, but no more of this be afraid so we can save you while you go shopping crap.” –Daniel

Jesus, the martyr, would not kill others. Constantine, well, you know that story–he was a Roman Emperor that probably would have loved to kill as many people as would oppose him. If Constantine had been a living breathing Roman while Jesus was incarcerated, he probably would have enjoyed the killing of Jesus, too.

Here’s the thing that has to stop.

“I think our culture teaches us to fear black men and Muslims. This story has it all. They even get to use the word “beheading.”  He didn’t kill them because of Islam. His religion has nothing to do with it, and using this incident to slander an enormous religious community is bigotry.” –Teri.

1697constantine_00000001040Martyrs vs killers. Religious folks vs something else.  Obviously, I am coming at this topic as a boy raised Southern Baptist. I tend to like the teachings of Jesus like when he says to love others as you would love yourself. Hold that thought. That’s one of those religious ideas. The Islamic folks in my family think this as well. So, there must be something else: not Christianity, not Islam, not whatever that makes one person kill another. It’s that something else that we have to find and do away with. Right now, I am calling it Constantine–Constantine Christianity, Constantine Islam, Constantine whatever. That’s what needs to be gone.

I like religious folks. It’s the pseudo-religious that bother me–the hijackers–like Constantine.


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